A brochure is an essential marketing tool to help sell properties. Creating an effective copy and strategic placement is important. We can help you design your real estate brochures and flyers that will fit so well with acrylic brochure holders!

Marketing is crucial to success in all industries, and much so in the real estate industry, where every contact with potential buyers is a vital step in the long and winding process of selling a property. Real estate agents inform prospective customers of property prices, promotions, and new listings through printed materials housed by quality brochure holders.

One of the tried and tested methods of communicating with the target market is through brochures, leaflets, or flyers.

And in the ever-competitive real estate market where every detail counts in order to beat the competition, quality brochures are made easily accessible via well-designed brochure holders. For real estate agents, this may just be the key factor that helps them more easily convert a potential customer into a sure buyer.

Check out this guide on choosing the right outdoor signs and sign holders for your business.

What is a Brochure?

A brochure is a marketing tool that comes in the form of a printed paper or document used by companies to market and promote their products and services.

Even in the digital age, brochures are still a reliable way of marketing, especially in trade shows, on-site selling, and other businesses that rely on location and want to build more intimacy with their target market.

Use brochures effectively for advertising your products by strategically using design, content, and format in grabbing the potential customer's attention and interest.

Use Acrylic Brochure Holders

Additionally, you want to make sure your brochure is well displayed to help with their proper distribution. Hence, the placement and design of your acrylic brochure holders are key factors to ensure the effective utilization of your printed materials as a marketing tool.

Placing acrylic brochure holders and racks in high-traffic areas or on countertops in shops are some good ideas.

You can also put your real estate brochure holder outdoors! Check out these 11 strategies for outdoor brochure holders to help you effectively use brochure advertising for your real estate business.

5 Elements of an Effective Real Estate Brochure

Not all brochures are created equal. With so many real estate companies trying to grab the attention of buyers, it will take a lot more than slapping some photos, putting your rates, and contact on a piece of paper to capture the attention of an interested buyer.

Check out the five elements your brochure needs in order to effectively market your business!


When it comes to shopping, people always want to see what you are selling before they consider buying. This is why photos of your properties are crucial to a brochure.


Photos make a first impression, but it's your copy's responsibility to keep the reader's attention. Keep your copy concise and appeal to the emotions of the reader.

Rather than talking about what you offer, talk about how it would feel to have what you are selling. This helps establish an emotional investment in the properties you sell and keeps your reader wanting to know more.


Whether you use a booklet type or fold brochure, you must utilize space strategically. The placement of the photos and copy, as well as the use of blank space, help emphasize your unique value proposition in order to attract and hold the reader's attention.

Property Details

Every buyer wants to learn about what they will purchase before they seal the deal. That's why your brochure should have property details that will help potential buyers decide whether to call and view your property or pass up on your offer.

Special Promotions, Deals, and Inclusions

Last but not least, include special promotions, deals, and inclusions in your brochure. And make these clearly visible either as an attachment or with a distinguishing font—so that after grabbing your audience's attention, these can help convince them why they should consider buying from you and not from anyone else.

How to Make a Real Estate Brochure

Now that you know what elements to include in your brochure, it's time to make them! Read further to learn more about how to plan, draft, and review your brochure before you get it printed and distributed!

Use or Design Simple Layouts

The biggest mistake rookies make when it comes to making brochures is overloading them with information. This only ends up overwhelming your audience, which leads to confusion and lack of interest.

Never bombard a potential customer with the information they don't need. Keep your layout simple, and allow your high-quality photos and compelling copy to do the work for you.

Use High-Quality Images

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it count.

The first thing people notice when they look at brochures are images. Let good photos speak for you by using high-quality images. Make sure the angles of the photos properly display the dimensions of your property using durable brochure holders.

Don't forget to include pictures of every room, as well as key amenities that will help attract buyers.

Carefully Consider Text Placement

Once you've grabbed people's attention with your amazing photos, they will be reading your descriptions. Make sure these are right below or beside the photos they are describing, and keep them short and easy to understand.

Choose the Right Acrylic Sign Holders for Your Needs

Even the best brochures are useless if they don't reach your target audience. Make sure all your hard work designing and printing your brochure pays off with the right acrylic brochure holders for your needs!

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