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PPE Dispensers

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PPE Dispensers

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Acrylic PPE Dispensers

When you need quick access to personal protective equipment, you need PPE dispensers that can easily be placed on nearby walls or countertops where safety supplies are required. Excellent for healthcare facilities medical offices, these PPE dispensers ensure that all of your essential safety supplies are always within arm’s reach. Whether you want to store face masks or latex gloves, personal protective equipment dispensers are excellent for businesses looking to keep essential equipment in reliable locations.

Make Your PPE Available Safely To Your Staff

Although the coronavirus has wreaked havoc throughout the world, businesses are starting to reopen out of necessity. In this unprecedented time, doing business comes with new challenges. The trade-off of companies reopening is a responsibility to protect their employees and customers against the spread of the virus.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, suits, and foot covers are some of the best options for protection against the coronavirus. Here are a few ways you can offer these equipment to your staff in a safe way.

Have Specific Areas For Equipment

To make sure the equipment you have for your staff is kept safe from contamination, you can designate a room in your office or building where you will keep the coronavirus safety supplies.

When someone needs to get a mask or other PPE equipment they must sanitize before they enter the equipment room to ensure they do not contaminate any of the other PPE in it. Ensure that your employees are briefed on how to don and doff PPE correctly.

Dispose Of Old Equipment Properly

While some types of PPE are reusable, it’s more efficient for most companies to choose the type that is disposable. This saves on resources for sanitizing the equipment, as you can simply throw them away when it is no longer needed.

If this is what you plan to use, you need to make sure the old equipment never comes into contact with the new equipment during donning and doffing. Keep the used PPE bagged and only handle the trash with gloves. This will help avoid cross contamination.

Use Dispensers

Personal protective equipment is typically delivered in boxes. However, not all PPE are packaged individually. That means that, for example, if a person attempts to pull a mask out of the box, they may have to touch the other pieces in the box as well.

To avoid this, you can invest in PPE dispensers that drop items one at a time. This way, you make it easier for the staff to acquire the equipment they need without touching the rest of the stock.

You can find a PPE dispenser that stores and drops the items as needed. They come in many different styles and sizes, so they are available for all types of PPE. Acrylic PPE dispensers are best as they make it easier for the staff to see what they are taking and they are easy to clean.

Once you are ready to open up your business, be sure to consider the tips above to keep your staff and customers safe from the coronavirus.

If you are preparing to stock PPE at your place of business, check out Displays and Holders for a large selection of PPE dispensers today!


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