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Real Estate & Outdoor Holders

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Real Estate & Outdoor Holders

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Real Estate & Outdoor Business Card & Brochure Holders

The real estate industry is a competitive business with high stakes and getting your name out there can make or break an agent of broker. Real estate and outdoor holders can get your message out to the people who need to receive it most – property buyers. It today's cutthroat real estate market, having an edge of any kind can meant the difference in making the sale.

Business Card Holders

Business cards are very important in the real estate field. It's how agents get their contact information to clients. As most properties are sold through multiple listing services, almost any agent can sell almost any property and earn the commission for its sale. You want customers to contact you so your business card is you entry into their worlds. Acrylic holders for your cards are essential. They can be left at houses, in your office and at other locations where prospective clients might find them. By leaving business cards in the homes you’re trying to sell, you can pick up new clients with very little effort. Many business card holders are designed to look like a house and add flair.

Outdoor Brochure Holders

Another important business tool real estate agents use today is the outdoor holder. Those are the clear or white acrylic boxes in front of a property that's for sale. Inside is the listing for that property with all the pertinent information. The box protects the flyers in side from the elements. It also makes it easy for interested parties to get basic information about the property before they call you and waste your time on a property they may not ultimately be interested in.

Working For You After Hours

Indoor and outdoor brochure literature boxes work for you after hours. We know that you can’t be present at work 24/7. However, when you use an outdoor brochure holder, you’ll be able to promote a house even when you’re not physically there. A passing prospective buyer or renter can simply reach in and grab a flyer with your contact details on it - never mind if it’s a Sunday, a holiday, or two in the morning.

These boxes make an effective outdoor display for any business or organization, especially when you need to provide information to the public at all hours of the day. With a self-closing lid, these holders keep moisture and rain out of the box so that the brochures remain in pristine condition.

These holders allow your advertising to work even harder than you do, which can help get the property in front of as many eyes as possible.

Combination Holders

Combination holders let you put flyers in the large pocket of a poster frame and offer your business cards in a small pocket at the bottom. These are ideal for open houses or to leave behind in homes so visitors to the home can take the information even you aren't present.

Why Real Estate Outdoor Holders?

The benefits of real estate and outdoor holders speak for themselves:

  • Easy to clean: Plastic outdoor brochure holders are easy to maintain. All you have to do is take mild soap and warm water and clean it then dry it off. You can also use glass cleaner to reduce smudges from finger prints and more.
  • Lightweight and mobile: You can put your brochure holder practically anywhere. Whether you’re using an indoor business card holder or an outdoor sign holder, they’re heavy-duty while remaining lightweight and mobile.
  • Inexpensive and affordable:Acrylic sign holders and brochure holders are incredibly inexpensive, making them a wise addition to your marketing efforts.
  • Heavy-duty and Weather-resistant:Because they are heavy-duty, outdoor brochure holders are weather resistant. Rain won’t be able to get inside the holder and damage your marketing materials, flyers, or business cards.

The next time you’re trying to sell a house, make sure to bring along your brochure holders!

Real estate agents can check out a wide array of business card and flyer holders at Custom designs and quantity discounts are also available, just call us at (866) 235-1216.

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