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Slatwall Displays

Slatwalls are a unique wall design that allows retailers to set up product displays in changeable and efficient ways. This is a wonderful marketing tool because as products and promotions change, the wall can be reorganized with accessories designed to showcase current products and promotions. The ability to easily move things around and change displays keeps retail spaces looking new and fresh and this is attractive to customers.

The walls usually come in panels about 48” tall and 96” wide. They are equipped with rows of grooves giving the wall a slatted appearance. Various accessories and add-on’s such as shelves and sign holders can be inserted into these grooves to create unique sales displays. By having a good variety of appliances on hand, a retailer can change his displays as often as he needs to.

For example, you can purchase acrylic shelves for displaying product. Shelve can be plain, have a pocket for an insert that might describe the item on display or have a lip to keep products from sliding off. Groupings of these can be used to display floor models of everything from shoes to pots and pans.

Another commonly used accessory with slatwalls is poster frames. Large, clear acrylic frames keep posters clean and crisp and be easily hung and removed. You can also easily change out posters as needed. Some frames come with specially designed pockets in front for holding business cards or brochures, making the frame perform double duty in the same space. The graphics gets their attention first and then they can leave with contact or product information.

Here are a few reasons to choose slatwall holders for your business:

  • Acrylic products are sturdy and easy to clean
  • Accessories are lightweight and easy to move around
  • Each accessory is inexpensive and costs decrease with larger quantity purchases
  • Variety of options for a spectacular display
  • Posters and other inserts are protected which gives them a longer lifespan

Retailers can make the most of their slatwall units by looking through our best selection of slatwall holders. Don’t see what you are looking for? Call us at (866) 235-12-16 about customizing your acrylic displays today!

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