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Sign Holders & Table Tents

Sign Holders & Table Tents

Shop for Retail Acrylic Signage & Ad Frames For Your Business

When it comes to displaying information to your customers in a convenient way, table tents and acrylic sign holders are the way to go. These versatile paper or photo frames protect the images and information they contain, extending the life of the media in a way other displays lack. Made of easy-to-clean acrylics, they provide a clear view of your flyer, photo or other advertising material.

The many designs of table tents and sign displays that are available allow businesses to choose from a wide range of products. Businesses like restaurants often use variations of these displays to menus, specials, desserts and wine selections. It is an easy way to put a lot of information in front of your customer without overwhelming them.

Some of the benefits of using these acrylic retail displays are:

  • Low cost when buying in bulk
  • Easy to clean they always look good
  • Easy to change when your information changes
  • Versatility allows you to display a scope of information easily
  • Small enough to move around easily so information goes where you need it
  • Customizable to suit your needs

With the right design and placement, your business information is at your customer’s fingertips where they want to find it. Many businesses use a variety of acrylic displays so that they can display different types of information in a cohesive way. This also helps the information in one type of holder be easily distinguished from that contained in another type of holder. The two frame displays don’t have to compete for attention.

Table tents and sign displays perform well in temporary venues as well as permanent ones. Trade shows, flea markets, craft fairs and other large gatherings where businesses set up booths with displays are perfect examples.Tabletop acrylic displays can direct visitor’s attention to products, literature and samples leaving the booth attendant free to talk to the people.

3 Simple But Effective In-Store Displays You Should Be Using

Bringing customers into your retail store is one half of the revenue puzzle. The other half is even more challenging -- encouraging those customers to take action, find products they like and turn into loyal, lucrative customers.

One of the most effective tools for turning foot traffic into paying customers is signage. In-store retail signage can draw customers’ attention towards top-selling products, prompt customers to buy certain items, and even add extra revenue to existing purchases.

Just like a great marketing strategy uses a variety of channels, the most effective in-store signs use a variety of different approaches. Below, we’ve listed three highly effective types of in-store signage you should be using to drive retail sales and revenue.

Benefit-focused signage

Benefit-focused signage markets a product based on its advantages. It is in contrast to retail signs that discuss a product’s features. If you usually sell high ticket items, benefit-focused signage can be incredibly effective.

While a feature-focused sign for a car would talk about its top speed and horsepower, signage that’s benefit focused would instead discuss the experience of driving it, how convenient it is to live with on a day-to-day basis, and how comfortable it is for an individual, couple or family.

It connects with customers on an emotional level, giving them the justification to take action and buy a product. Benefit-focused signage is particularly effective for luxury and lifestyle products, where features are rarely a compelling selling point.

Value-focused signage

Value-focused signage emphasizes a product’s price and/or the value for money it offers. It is best suited to products in competitive markets in which a range of different options are available.

While benefits-focused types are very effective for selling high-end food, value-focused retail signage works well for differentiating one product from others. If your business has a top-seller you’d like to promote, a value-focused sign could be all it takes to increase its sales volume.

Instead of causing an emotional reaction (like benefit-focused signage) value-focused signage connects with customers on a rational level. When a customer sees that they will save money, even if just relatively, by buying a product, they often feel justified in taking action.

Lead generation signage

Lead generation signage encourages people to join a loyalty program, provide you with their contact information, or otherwise become leads. In retail, the most common lead is a customer that expresses interest in a high-value, high ticket item.

While benefit-focused types emphasize the product’s benefits and value-focused types are designed to sell a product based on its pricing, lead generation types encourages people to express their interest in something without making a purchase.

They are very effective when placed near high ticket items, or when displayed at your store’s checkout counter. An example is a “buyer’s club” retail newsletter, where customers are mailed new offers and discount deals every month.

Do you use these three retail sign holders?

From lead generation to benefits-focused ads, each of the three signage types listed above play an important role in any retail marketing strategy. Does your retail business use all three of these essential sign types?

If you can see the potential for table tents and acrylic sign holders to be of assistance in your business, shop at or call (866) 235-1216 for custom adjustments. We have the widest selections of acrylic displays for businesses on the market today.

When you want to draw attention to your business or event, make use of acrylic frames to showcase the most vital information for folks passing by.

Make Your Message Seen

Find acrylic display stands at fantastic prices that pay off for improving your bottomline. There’s no way to let every person walking by everything you offer, which is these acrylic frames are useful tool that lets you convey your message without direct contact. People walk by and see what you offer then make the executive decision to learn more, which means people inquiring want to learn more about your message. The displays can include business hours, specials or discounts offered for a limited time and social media handles. The latter makes it easy for people to immediately whip out their phone and add you on social, enabling them to remember your business, service or product at a later date. Contests on social media can be a wise marketing tool for businesses, so announcements or specifics on these contests in-store are a great way to get people involved once they leave your turf.

Versatile Displays For Any Business

Acrylic displays are reusable and easy to move around any space. You know the space you’re working with whether it’s limited counterspace or spacious tables. Choose the right size for your needs and take comfort in the versatility of the investment made when selecting this style of display. If you are a business owner with multiple types of businesses, these displays can be used for everything from restaurants to flea markets. These signs are ideal for any environment since they wipe clean with a clean rag and standard all-purpose surface cleaner. Low maintenance, low cost and the ability to clearly convey your message makese acrylic frames the way to go for any business.


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