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Merchandise Displays

Merchandise Displays

Merchandise Displays

Retailers and other businesses often have unique items or giveaways to display for their customers. Things like informational CDs or DVDs, coupons and other giveaway items can be displayed on desks, countertops and checkouts. This puts them in the customer's line of sight where they will do the most good. As a business tool, merchandise displays such as holders for these types of products are an essential part of doing business.

Other types of displays are table or counter top easel and J-stands that allow you to share value sales or product information at the place where you interact with customers most. These can be stocked with flyers, pamphlets, catalogs or other types of marketing materials.

Retailers often use coupon holders that can be easily affixed to the shelf nearest the product that the coupon relates too. They can also be used at the checkout so customers can appreciate the savings you are sharing with them. Unique products that could tend to roll or fall or easily can be displayed in open topped acrylic boxes. This gives customers a clear view of the contents of the box and keeps the goods contained.

Planning your retail risers requires understanding the nature of the product and customer's buying habits in order to put together a successful display. Acrylic merchandise displays help you create an eye-catching display that customers won't miss. Many of these items can be personalized with logos, company names and other graphics.

Not sure acrylic merchandise holders will work for you? Consider this:

  • Variety of styles and types is unparalleled
  • Cleanup is swift and easy
  • Easily portable and interchangeable
  • Low cost accessories have long shelf life
  • Customization is available for most products

Regardless of your business type, if you need merchandise holders, is the supplier for you. With years of experience and a vast inventory of display solutions to choose from, you are apt to find just what you are looking for. And if not, they can create something unique just for you.Why not call us at (866) 235-1216?

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