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Category: U-Risers



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  • U Risers - 2"

    As low as: $2.50

    U-Shaped Risers

    2"wide x 2"high x 2"deep

    Item #: HU-222

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  • U Risers - 3"

    As low as: $2.66

    Merchandise Displays

    3"wide x 3"high x 3"deep

    Item #: HU-333

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  • U Risers - 4"

    As low as: $3.29

    Merchandise Risers

    4"wide x 4"high x 4"deep

    Item #: HU-444

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  • U Risers - 6"

    As low as: $5.25

    Merchandise Risers

    6"wide x 6"high x 6"deep

    Item #: HU-666

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  • U Risers - 643

    As low as: $4.28

    U-Shaped Risers

    6"wide x 4"high x 3"deep

    Item #: HU-643

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  • U Risers - 744

    As low as: $5.20

    Merchandise Risers

    7"wide x 4"high x 4"deep

    Item #: HU-744

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  • U Risers - 8"

    As low as: $9.05

    Large U-Shaped Risers

    8"wide x 8"high x 8"deep

    Item #: HU-888

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  • U Risers - 845

    As low as: $9.85

    Merchandise Risers

    8"wide x 4"high x 5"deep

    Item #: HU-845

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  • U Risers - 854

    As low as: $9.35

    Displays U-Shaped Risers

    8"wide x 5"high x 4"deep

    Item #: HU-854

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  • U Risers -5"

    As low as: $3.78

    Merchandise Risers

    5"wide x 5"high x 5"deep

    Item #: HU-555

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  • U Risers -542

    As low as: $4.27

    Shaped Risers

    5"wide x 4"high x 2"deep

    Item #: HU-542

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Acrylic Display Stands

There can be no doubt a well-presented product has a far better chance of leading your sales charts than one that isn't quite as appealing as it could be. It is the true retail magician who understands the value of a well-organized and clean display that naturally guides customers from one product to the next and makes them feel at ease. This is the purpose of acrylic risers.

The magic comes from enticing customers to buy without making the process look obvious, cramped or rushed. It really isn't all that different from making an entree look appetizing or putting together the right outfit for a summer picnic. Some looks just go together. They fit naturally. They look like they belong. It almost reaches a point where the product is just kind of floating there without any obvious assistance from the display.

That's when you know you've arrived. It's also when you know your acrylic product display is at its optimum effectiveness. Here are some of the features you should consider when making a decision on how best to arrange your retail acrylic display.


A well arranged acrylic product display puts customers at ease. Think about the last time you visited a grocery store. Which puts you in a buying frame of mind? Clean shelves and well-ordered rows of products with easily read price tags in a spotless aisle, or broken shelves with sloppily arranged products, missing price tags and grime all over the floor?

What makes an acrylic riser so effective is the fact it is easy to clean. Spotless transparent acrylic surfaces are attractive, especially for products like jewelry, cosmetics and toys. They inspire images of royalty, treasure and wealth. If your shelves are properly decorated with acrylic display stands, it makes showing off a lot easier, and what retailer doesn't want to show off their goods? There's a reason most car dealerships are surrounded by enormous windows. It makes everything look bigger and brighter.


There are more than a few people in the world who probably don't know there is a term for getting products in front of customers in a way that entices them to buy. It's called merchandising, and it is underway in nearly every retail store you've ever visited, from pop-up kiosks to major department stores to big box retailers.

The right acrylic risers make all the difference when it comes to merchandising. They give your store a clean look and they allow you to arrange your products in ranges, series, choice collections and galleries. Every good retailer knows customers want choice, but not too much choice. Every visible product counts, and every product needs the right level of emphasis. We provide the acrylic tools you need to get your message across with style and at an affordable price.

Also remember merchandising has just as much to do with lifestyle as it does image. Consider a high-ticket leather shoe for sale. Sitting on an acrylic riser, it looks slick, in much the same way a sports car sitting on a clean flat carpet looks. It's more likely to sell to a certain kind of customer. Now imagine the same shoe sitting on a cardboard box. It probably isn't quite as likely to appeal to the same customer.

No Disappearing Objects

Newspaper editors have a rule about headlines. They should never appear right next to each other. This is called "tombstoning" by page designers and editors. The reason they want to avoid it is because having two things right next to each other invariably makes one of them seem to disappear. This isn't a problem with rows of soup cans or motor oil, but if you are trying to draw attention to something, you want it to appear by itself, as if it is being held up for emphasis.

Holding something up so it will get noticed is exactly what acrylic display risers were invented to do. If you are arranging a shelf with five objects on it and you want each object to get its time in the "spotlight," so to speak, you will want each object to at least appear isolated. One should be highest. The two on the middle level should be as far apart as possible. The one in the center is naturally prominent. The others should be placed so they draw the eye from the middle towards the ends. An acrylic display can be set up on many levels, so making a complex shelf of products with acrylic risers is quite easy and quick.

Lightweight and Durable

Anything that comes into contact with the public has to be able to survive the wear and tear of everyday activity. Our models of acrylic stand are built to withstand all kinds of hazards, from drops to stacking and storage to spills. Our acrylic stands are all made of the highest quality materials and are designed to work seamlessly with all kinds of other retail display equipment. They're also made to fit, with a variety of shapes and a large variety of sizes. Their standardized acrylic manufacturing and size consistency will help contribute to the orderly and clean image you are trying to promote in your display.

We know every acrylic display is important. After all your best products are likely to be supported and highlighted by our risers. Your livelihood depends on those products selling and looking their best day after day. While some might think it's "just an acrylic riser," the truth is what we build and what you need are both just as important as the polish on the front door of a multi-million-dollar mansion. You can bet the real estate agent is going to have a chamois with her for those brass fixtures, and we know you're going to be dusting, cleaning and re-arranging our acrylic risers on a regular basis. You need the best, and that's what we deliver.

As with most things, merchandising requires experimentation, persistence and the right tools. With acrylic U-Risers, you can be sure you are starting the process of improving sales and growing your business with the right equipment and a head start on the right kind of knowledge.

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