Make Your Merchandise Irresistible in 2019 With These 4 Simple Acrylic Riser And Acrylic Stand Hacks.

Acrylic Risers And Acrylic Stands Remain Tried-And-Tested Weapons in Many Successful Retail Marketers Arsenal in 2019’s Very Competitive Climate For Retail Attention And Impulse Buys

Retail marketing, much like online marketing, has become an extremely competitive space where everyone is vying for customers attention. Here’s a list of four display hacks using acrylic risers that can make your merchandising irresistible to retail foot traffic.

1. Use Dramatically Diverse Stand/Riser Sizes To Display Related Merchandise

Often you will find one or two same-sized risers with one or two same-sized products clustered together on a tabletop display. There is research to suggest that staging visual diversity in size, height, and color of both merchandise and display stands can increase “linger-time” in specific departments and draw attention to specific merchandise items that are either new or on sale.

The longer a customer stares at a display, the more likely they are to engage with the product by touching it and or trying it on which are both key in-store purchase indicators.

2. Use A Rotating Display Base Under Hero Merchandise

This one is probably a bit “old school” because you really don't see many retailers them these days. However, this is a powerful hack because motion draws attention, and if you can draw attention to your merchandise, you can highlight the product in a way that makes it impossible to not notice.

Generally costing somewhere shy of $100 for a base that will fit atop an acrylic stand. You can also do a DIY search on YouTube for making a rotating display stand.

3. Place A Digital Screen Behind The Display Cluster

This particular hack is also quite powerful. Namely in the ability to run commercial content on a television screen strategically placed behind elevated or otherwise highlighted merchandise inside of a retail store. With this strategy, the possibilities are endless because not only can you run hero content on the screen displaying the product in use so as to draw in potential purchases, not to mention the ability to run coupon and QR codes that can be scanned at the point of display that can then be used at checkout.

Savvy brands have taken this a step further by repurposing social media content using devices like Chromecast to beam content directly to each display individually.

4. Place LED Lights Underneath Acrylic Stands

Try placing battery-powered LED lighting underneath acrylic risers to create a dramatic effect highlighting hero merchandise. Take this hack one step further during seasonal sales events by using colored LEDs to fit into the theme. For example, you can cluster a red, white, and blue LED button light underneath hero merchandise for patriotic theming during Independence Day. Or, how about green LEDs highlighting merchandise during St. Patrick's Day?

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