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Suggestion & Ballot Boxes

Suggestions | Donation | Ballot Boxes 

One of the best marketing devices is the suggestion box. It allows customers or employees to communicate with management in an anonymous way that supports the open sharing of input. Feedback from customers or employees can be invaluable in improving goods and services. Businesses have understood this for many years which make the suggestion or ballot box an important communication device.

There are several styles and designs used for collecting suggestions or votes. Boxes come in a number of sizes and can be clear or colored. Many businesses use these as a way of finding out is customers were satisfied with the service they received like in a restaurant or beauty salon. In some companies, the boxes are left in lunch rooms and other common areas where employees can deposit ideas for improving procedures or increasing productivity. The anonymous nature of these boxes encourages people to participate without fear of conflict or confrontation.

The information a business collects from one of these boxes can be used to make changes in processes, enhance product performance, increase customer satisfaction and all of that means a better bottom line. It can be a little intimidating to read what people have to say about your business but more often than not the criticism is constructive and useful. You can't put a price on that type of feedback and all it costs you is the price of the suggestion and ballot box and the paper for the suggestions.

Here are just a few of the benefits suggestion and ballot boxes can provide:

  1. Open communication with customers/employees
  2. Free feedback on performance and service
  3. Flexibility because the lightweight acrylic boxes are easily relocated
  4. Low cost materials make these affordable for any business

The only real decision left is whether or not you want clear or colored and what size to choose., a leader in innovative and dependable products that support marketing functions, has a wide range of suggestion and ballot boxes to choose from. We can customize a design or personalize a standard design at reasonable rates. Call us at (866) 235-1216 about customizing your acrylic displays today!


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