For your in-store signage and display, you may want to get a few things right in order to reap the full benefits from the traffic flow into your store. Your in-store signage could spell a successful marketing strategy or be a source of confusion for new customers if done the wrong way.

Whether you’ve just opened a new business, or looking to catch new leads, in-store signage and displays are extremely essential to the success of your new venture. The most important tip is to keep everything simple, readable and effective. Here we look at several tips to help you select the right in-store signs and displays.

Tip# 1: Orientation and visibility

Most in-store signs take a horizontal orientation while others may take vertical or skewed orientation. Depending on your store type, you may choose the best orientation or placement to ensure maximum visibility. The sign should be placed in a visible location from any corner of your store for all to view comfortably.

Tip# 2: Keep it simple

While you might be tempted to include all the details in your in-store signage and displays, the effect is usually the opposite of what you expect. The point is to quickly deliver your message within a span of 20 seconds or less. Anything more than that and you will be ruining it. Address the customer with ‘you’ and ‘your’ to create a personal connection. Make the writing simple and easy to understand with an angle towards the benefit of your product or service rather than features.

Tip# 3: Size

The size of your sign matters a lot for various reasons. If it’s too big, it becomes distractive and not necessarily serving the purpose you had intended. A very small sign may get lost and may not be effective. However, small retail signs still have a huge impact when placed in the right places where they will get noticed. For example, small signs installed near the checkout could have a big influence on what the customer does. The idea is to size right and places the signs where they will easily draw attention.

Tip# 4: Go for a custom signage

How flexible is your in-store signage? Can you add or change details whenever you need? If you are promoting a short-term campaign such as a promotion, you might want a customizable signage that will serve you for a limited amount of time. If your objective is to promote long-term branding, a more durable signage will be more useful for your purpose. Custom signs with your business logo are ideal in most cases while digital signage will give you more options to customize your message.

Tip# 5: Consider durability

How durable are the sign holders? Are they going to withstand constant knocking and incessant scratches? If you are going to use sign holders to advertise products, services, and promotions, you would better have the best quality sign holders around. For heavily used holders, you should opt for the thick variety made from a stronger material such as acrylic. This damage resistant holder and display will guarantee a return on investment in the long run.

Our sturdy sign holders and displays are specifically designed to withstand the rough retail treatment while maintaining impeccable quality without damaging the overall structure. Made from clear PETG plastic that is both strong and scratch-resistant, you can get yourself one of these for your business. They come with a long shelf-life and can last for a longer time than you can imagine.