Smart advertising and marketing are the keys to increasing sales. Finding and using effective promotional and marketing tools is a must to execute such plans successfully – brochures and pamphlet holders included.

Brochures, in particular, are meant to present a company’s profile, a current campaign, or a product’s features. While the graphic design, informational text, and color palette used are crucial, manners and strategies of display also play key roles in their effectiveness.

Properly chosen outdoor brochure holders maintain the quality of a paper pamphlet or leaflet and present a tidy appearance that doesn’t ruin the overall exterior or interior of an office. They also entice visitors or passers-by to pick-up the literature.

Another benefit of brochure displays is they can hold more than one brochure or at least more than what one representative or personnel can hold.

Where to Strategically Place Indoor and Outdoor Brochure Stands

1. Countertop Brochure Holders

Display tables and payment and lobby counters make great spots for countertop brochure holders. They allow customers or visitors to take one as they leave and enter. One strategy to try is placing them at the cashier, so personnel can present them as they pay for their purchases and include them in their bags to encourage return visits or word-of-mouth marketing.

2. Floor Stand or Free-Standing Brochure Displays

Free-standing brochure racks are those you see displayed near entryways. They are highly effective in increasing return calls and visits and closing deals in the real estate business.

3. Wall-Mounted Brochure Holders

Offices and entryways with a limited amount of space can use wall-mounted brochure holders. Keep in mind that height is a crucial factor in their effectiveness. They should be placed where visitors or customers can easily see and reach them.

Tiered brochure displays are great options if you have a lot to display. Wall-mounted outdoor brochure holders with sliding glass doors, on the other hand, can be used if you want to display your leaflets outside but have limited space in the front area.

4. Ship Flat Holders

Ship flat brochure holders are an affordable choice. Their pockets pop up into holders and click in for storage. This foldable and portable aspect makes them a popular choice for promotional support material for pop-up store businesses – ones you would typically see in flea markets or fashion bazaars.

5. Single Pocket Brochure Holders

Single pocket brochure racks are another basic and affordable option in the market. They hold a limited number of flyers or leaflets, but they do the work in front of small tables. They come in handy if you’re holding an outdoor pop-up stall event or hosting an open house and have limited personnel.

6. Slat Wall Installations

Slat wall installations allow you to sort of customize the look and placement of your holder. You can have a mirror at the top section to attract lookers or a POP or point of purchase to highlight what your papers are showcasing.
You can opt to hang the pockets, or you can use the bottom level for pamphlets targeting the kids market. Some businesses also use acrylic bins, racks, and baskets as containers.

7. Slotted Organizers

Slotted organizers don’t look like typical outdoor brochure holders, but more like P.O. boxes with 12 to 36 slots. Still, they can function as racks for support materials for your main literature (e.g. as trays for fill-out, application, survey, or feedback forms).

8. Outdoor Boxes

Since not all plexiglass brochure holders are designed for outdoor use, some end up wearing off after lengthy exposures to the extremes of temperature. Outdoor boxes can be installed almost anywhere to house brochure stands and protect them from direct sunlight or strong winds. Their best feature is that they can be designed to fit your needs.
You can display a banner at the front stall area to bring in customers or visitors. Or, you can add decorative installations to better communicate your brand or campaign with passers-by.

brochure holder

Good-Quality Materials for Outdoor Brochure Holders

1. Acrylic, Perspex, and Molded Plastic

Plastic brochure racks allow for easy placement and removal of pamphlets. They limit ‘clean up time’ and give you more time to focus on other operational tasks in your business. Small businesses with limited marketing and administrative budgets may opt for sturdy-made acrylic and molded plastic brochure holders.

Perspex-made literature display racks are also reliable and affordable options. They come as transparent holders that immediately shift the focus towards the papers they are showcasing.

2. Wood

Wooden brochure racks can be used in the outdoors with shade. Restaurants, hotels, and other high-end establishments make use of them to maintain traditional sophistication in their branding.

3. Wire or Weatherproof Metal

Weatherproof metal is among the most reliable materials in the furniture industry. Black and silver are the typical choices because of their versatility when it comes to color matching. Exhibitors and trade show participants usually make use of the wire construction because of its lightweight characteristic and, sometimes, its portability.

Final Thoughts

Getting customers to know about your brand, company, or campaign is an essential part of the job. You need to make the information simple and easy to approach and understand. Not all people will be keen to have the ‘sales talk,’ but more people are likely to randomly pick up and read an enticing piece of paper – one with a creative layout and readable text and color palette – especially when they are not forced to.

Aim for that strategic design. Place your brochures where they are easily seen and reached. Entryways, lobbies, and front offices make the best spots. For outdoor stalls, a spot next to your table where the direction of people is going is the perfect location.

Use simple yet sturdy brochure holders to display them. You will be marketing your materials while you beautify your office exterior.

If you’re in the Anaheim area and are still unsure of which type of brochure holder to use or are looking to buy reasonably priced, good-quality, and customized organizers, reach out to us at Displays & Holders. We also provide full display manufacturing service, so feel free to send us your inquiries and expect a dedicated Displays & Holders representative to respond promptly.