In today’s Internet-driven world, many businesses focus the majority of their marketing on reaching customers online. However, if you have a physical store, offline marketing tactics like displaying countertop brochure holders paired with marketing materials can have just as many benefits as online marketing.

To learn more about how displays and brochures can be used to increase sales and promote your brand's message, have a look below.

Where to Place Your Displays

You must consider the location of your marketing displays because you want to make sure you place the displays in strategic spots where your customers will see and interact with them.

Here are some suggestions on where to place your displays:

At the Entrance

Marketing displays at or near the entrance of stores will be seen by just about everyone that comes through the door. If you have marketing materials such as advertising literature, you can use a literature display holder placed on a tabletop near the entrance of your store so everyone who walks in and out can grab one.

Near the Cash Register

Point-of-purchase placement is very effective. You might make a sale just as a customer is preparing to check out!

Use this location to set up a small display with marketing materials inside a multi-pocket display holder. Push advertisements on upcoming sales, information on future events, or information on how customers can find your business on social media.

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Adjacent to Sales Items

By setting up a display with signage next to sale items, you increase your chance of customers seeing sale items that they otherwise might have missed.

Marketing materials placed next to sale areas can include small brochures holders with information on how long your sale lasts, or risers with popular sale items arranged on them.

On an Outdoor Display

Outdoor marketing displays can be used to catch the attention of shoppers before they ever get a chance to see your competitors. Tabletop displays using brochure holders or literature holders can give out your information to passersby, even if they don’t enter your store.

Pair outdoor displays with other promotional items like signage to help draw attention to you.

On Countertops

Use acrylic brochure holders to neatly display materials on countertops and desks. If a customer sees advertising literature placed in a holder they are more likely to pick it up, as opposed to if they were lying flat on the counter.

How to Arrange Your Holders

Putting your brochures and advertising literature in holders is one thing. Arranging the holders is entirely another. Here are some examples of how you can arrange holders in a functional, eye-catching way:


Risers are great for playing with height in your displays. Items such as jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, and other accessories are ideal products that show well on this type of display stand.

Stagger the items at different heights. The customer’s eye will naturally rest and then linger on the different levels.

Rotating Brochure Display Holders

Rotating brochure display holders that rotate 360 degrees and have multiple pockets for different pieces of marketing materials work best on countertops.

These holders save space because you can display multiple brochure designs using a single item, as opposed to filling the entire table with one brochure holder per design.


This type of holder is an alluring display platform used to exhibit books, CDs and other types of products. They can be placed conveniently on countertops, tabletops, or shelves.

Open Top Bins

Anytime you have a variety of bulk items you want to display, you can use an open-top bin instead of a box. This will give your brand a cleaner look.

Open top bins can be placed on top of tables, shelves, countertops, or on the floor. Put small, colorful items in them like toys, trinkets, or candy.

Retail Displays

Entire retail displays can be used to showcase merchandise or promote your company’s signage in a single display unit. This saves you from having to use multiple smaller holders in a cramped space.

How to Emphasize Your Display 

If you want to go the extra mile, here are some tips and tricks you can explore to really highlight your displays!

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Add lighting

Use decorative lighting to highlight marketing displays. The sleek, clear lines of acrylic custom display holders do great with being under a strong spotlight.

Decorative lights can be either on the floor or hanging above a display. Make sure to choose a light fixture with an aesthetic that fits in with your business's brand.

Incorporate Negative Space  

Negative space can be used to communicate emphasis as well. For example you can dedicate an entire wall to a single, large acrylic display holder. By not putting other signages or shelves next to the display, you will naturally draw the eye to the only thing taking up space on the wall.

An empty corner can also be used to showcase a table of brochure holders. The blank wall behind it provides a quiet backdrop for the colorful brochures, making them stand out.

Don’t Use Too Many Products

A display that is overflowing with products and marketing materials can look more like a flea market stall than a well-designed marketing display.

To avoid overwhelming customers, make sure to stick to displaying new and best-selling products and marketing materials that accompany those products, and nothing else.

Try It Yourself

Sometimes it’s the small steps we take to improve our businesses that make the biggest difference. Displays and holders increase the likelihood that customers will pick up brochures and fliers. And when they do so, that it can lead to making a sale.

Brochures, fliers, and advertising literature are tangible items that customers can take home. They serve as a reminder for in-store or online sales, upcoming promotional events, and can further enforce your brand and social media presence by drawing attention to your social media profiles.

In addition to the online marketing you’re probably already doing, you can utilize the above display strategies to help grow your business and increase sales.