As a retailer, you must draw attention toward your products. By effectively displaying your products or brochures in acrylic display stands, you’ll instantly create more traffic and revenue.

Your customers will have an easier time locating the products in which they are most interested. They will also spend more time in front of a well-designed display and discover higher value or different products. Below are a few of the best ways you can use acrylic display stands or brochure holders to grab the attention of your customers.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When using merchandise displays and acrylic brochure holders, you should aim to show off your products in as many ways as possible. Not only does this make for a more attractive display, but the display will also hold the customer’s attention for a longer amount of time.

To add extra variety, try incorporating different colors, heights, and even add in some three-dimensional interest.

The bright colors naturally draw the gaze and pull people in, instantly attracting people toward your products. Differing heights and three-dimensional presentations, on the other hand, can draw attention toward otherwise overlooked products or brochures.

Acrylic Brochure Holders

Organize with Intention

Depending on your brick and mortar shop, your customers may be in a rush and not have time to look at everything. This is where organizing your products is most important.

The essential thing is to recognize which products you want the customer to focus on the most. These products, especially when it comes to brochure holders, should be placed as close to eye level as possible. Most people will zero in on these first before looking toward other eye-catching products.

Typically, stores organize their products in price order, with the most expensive items located at the top of the shelf or display case and the most affordable items near the bottom. Customers will instinctually expect this style of organization, which you can take advantage of, or you can subvert this expectation and uniquely arrange your products.

You should also utilize counter space by setting up a few smaller brochure holders, which will be noticed by the people waiting in line at the checkout.

Create Symmetry or Framing

While adding color, dimension, and style to your acrylic display stands will grab everyone’s attention, you don’t want to create a space that is too jarring or loud. To maintain a pleasant, but still eye-catching display, make sure your displays have symmetry and are attractive to the eye.

Because symmetry will create a more calming space that seems clean and well-organized, a customer may feel more comfortable spending time in front of this type of display. However, asymmetry can have a similar effect if done effectively. By grouping your displays into threes, you’ll frame the center display and draw special focus in that direction.

Let us know how you draw attention to your products!