The right design and copy can make your next brochure a huge success, but what good is it if no one picks it up? Likewise, what good is a beautiful business card if none of your potential partners or customers have access to it?

One of the biggest problems businesses face in marketing is getting their message out there into the hands of their customers. In business development, a frequent issue is getting your business card into the hands of potential partners.

In this blog post, we’ll share five techniques that you can use to solve both issues and get your brochures, business cards and other corporate marketing items into the hands of your target customers, clients and partners.

Add a voucher or coupon code

Here’s an innovative way to encourage people to pick up your brochure or business card: add a voucher to it. For brochures, add a cut-out voucher that people can bring in and use in your store to encourage return purchases.

For your business card, why not add a discount promise? If you run an online store, you can also add a custom discount code. Both tactics encourage people not just to pick up your business card or brochure, but to act on the message it contains.

Use a creative, eye-catching design

The better your brochure looks, the more likely it is to be picked up. Brochures that are cleverly designed with high-contrast, attractive color schemes tend to be picked up more than those with bland, uninspiring designs.

Instead of sticking with the ‘safe’ design for your brochure or business card, mix it up a little and make your card stand out from the crowd. Not only will more people pick it up; its innovative design will make it more memorable for customers.

Place it right beside your checkout

Do you want customers to pick up your brochures when they check out from your store? There’s no better way to encourage people to pick up your latest brochure or catalog than by placing it right beside your checkout.

Using one of our brochure holders, keep a stack of brochures at the ready for your customers to take home with them. In B2B, a business card holder pointed towards the customer can be all it takes to inspire them to pick one up and take action.

Make it part of your checkout process

Even if you place your brochures right next to your store’s checkout, you still might only get a few customers picking them up and taking them home. A far better way to get your brochures in customers’ hands is by giving them out as they check out.

Ask your counter staff to give out brochures or catalogs with every purchase. Add an extra reason for customers to read through your brochure by mentioning that there is a discount coupon or special offer inside that they can claim next time they visit.

Place brochures throughout your store

Many shoppers are rushed and in a hurry by the time they reach your checkout. Not only are they short on time, but they’re also no longer in a browsing mood; the idea of looking through your catalog isn’t one that’s appealing to them at this moment.

While they’re browsing your store, however, their thought process is different. Get more of your brochures, business cards or catalogs in customers’ hands by placing them at intersections and highly-trafficked points throughout your store.