Whether you are marketing your goods to a bunch of curious passers-by or trying to get your company's name out there at a trade show, you must utilize brochure holders or sign holders to your advantage.

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You’re probably aware that there are various ways to make your brochure stand out. You can choose striking fonts, eye-catching images, and attention-grabbing headlines. While all of those techniques help, there is one element of your brochure that most people often overlook, the brochure holder!

When it comes to holders, acrylic holders are an ideal option for making your brochure stand out, and one of the best things about them is how versatile they are. Whether you’re looking for something for a countertop display or something that can be mounted on the wall, acrylic holders have got you covered. So, why wait?

What are Acrylic Holders?

Acrylic holders are pieces of clear plastic that can be attached to a wall or another flat surface, used to present, display or protect information or objects. They are made from a plastic called acrylic, also known as lucite or plexiglass. It is strong and shatter-resistant, making it an ideal material for this kind of application.

Brochure holders come in various sizes and shapes, from business card holders and sign holders to custom acrylic boxes and more, so that you can find the exact item to showcase your keepsakes, posters, or artwork. 

They may be made as single-pocket holders or multi-pocket holders for holding more than one item at once. Some have a clear finish, while others are more opaque. Below are ways to make your brochure stand out using acrylic holders.


Choosing the right type of lighting for your acrylic holders is crucial. Poor lighting will not only decrease the visibility, but it can also create a murky atmosphere that may put potential customers off and encourage them to look elsewhere.

You want to ensure that your store maintains the right illumination level to capture people's attention and intrigue them enough to investigate more closely. You have to decide whether you want a linear fluorescent, LED, or halogen light.

Then you have to decide what color temperature to purchase. And once you've decided on the right light, you have to install it perfectly evenly and find the ideal bulb for the job.


You have to decide where your brochure holder will be placed. A prime location is one where people are naturally going to seek out, such as at the entrance to your store, next to a window, or on a cashier stand. This way, your leaflets will have maximum exposure.

Your acrylic flyer holder is likely to draw attention. To allow for easy transportation, pick a top-of-range sign holder with wheels. This way you can move it from place to place in the shop and even outside if necessary.

High-Quality Brochure Designs and Content

When it comes to your marketing efforts, High-quality brochure designs and content for acrylic holders should be a top priority. Unfortunately, many business owners overlook their importance, which is a big mistake.

If you want to make gains and achieve your target sales figures, you must invest in high-quality brochure designs and content for acrylic holders. Not only will they help in brand recognition, but they will also serve as an effective marketing tool and generate leads.

A creative brochure design with product-specific content will drive people to your items on the counter as you display them in your booth or store.

Pick the Ideal Brochure Holder

Choosing the ideal holder comes down to what kind of brochures you intend to display and one that works perfectly with your space and design needs. With a wide range of styles and functions available, find the ideal sign holder for your needs.

A4 document holders and single desk holders are compact and convenient for use, at home or in an office environment. Four-sided stands are perfect for public areas such as reception desks in stores or banks, while multi-pocket brochure holders offer a great place to store leaflets and business cards.

Incorporate Outdoor Brochure Holders

Outdoor brochure holders are a surefire way to display your business information to the public without requiring them to enter the store. This means that they don't have to approach you directly. 

It can provide you with an excellent opportunity to prompt them to take action. Acrylic holders are also safe and tamper-proof, allowing you to leave them in public places without any worries. If you need efficient advertising tools to save money and time, an outdoor brochure holder is a perfect solution for you.

Keep It Neat

Sometimes brochure holders get a little gnarly. That’s just the nature of working in constant high-traffic spots like checkout counters or near entrances where customers constantly pick up, look at, and put back out of order your brochures.

But here's the good news, it's super easy to keep your brochures looking great! When you have a moment, walk around your store and flip any upside-down brochures right-side-up. If they've gotten wrinkled or bent; fold them back straight again.

Once you've done that, remind your staff to keep an eye out for any misplaced brochures and straighten them out when they find them.

Maximize Your Space with Brochure Holders

If you've got more than one brochure you'd like to display but don't want to go the whole hog and get a full-on display case, there are a variety of brochure holders or sign holders that might work for your business.

There are wall-mounted brochure holder solutions that keep your space looking clean and sophisticated, or there are countertop solutions if you want to give customers something to look through while they're waiting.

Choose the same style for all your brochures, or mix and match different styles—the possibilities are endless!

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Brick and mortar retail stores have it even tougher standing out amongst the crowd. And while shopping online is convenient, it lacks the personal touch that shoppers crave.

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