Signage is the best way to convey messages and information both indoors and outdoors—a traditional marketing strategy every company should utilize. A wall mount sign holder comes in a variety of sizes with various customization options that allow you to advertise your business—while also showcasing menus, specials, cautionary information, promotions, etc.

A wall sign holder is a great way to attract the attention of staff, clients, patients, and students. Information can include just about anything, from directions for sanitizing hands to posters for the school Halloween dance.   

Acrylic is one of the most popular signage materials because it has many benefits for indoor and outdoor use. 

Why Choose an Acrylic Wall Sign Holder? 

Acrylic sign holders are great because they present information in a way that can be quickly absorbed, which is exactly what a fast-paced world needs.

Below, we've listed the benefits of using wall-mounted acrylic sign holders.

Benefits of a Wall Mount Acrylic Sign Holder

Here are six benefits of using an acrylic wall sign holder:

1. Cost-Effective

Acrylic is one of the cheapest types of signage material. The prices also go down when you buy products in bulk, which is what you're likely to do if you have a large business with many customers and employees.

Even small businesses will find acrylic sign holders cost-effective because they don't have to pay for other, more expensive product marketing and internal message boards. 

With the proper care, they also have got a long lifespan, which is further extended when it's made into an acrylic sign frame. The signs pay for themselves in a very short period, which results in something all businesses crave, an attractive return on investment (ROI).

2. Durable

An acrylic wall mount sign holder is virtually indestructible. The lightweight nature of acrylic belies its strength and durability. You have to be incredibly determined and armed with the right tools if you want to break or damage an acrylic wall-mounted sign holder.

It's even difficult to scratch the surface, although they do suffer from wear and tear after many years of loyal service. Especially if they're in a heavily-used area, like a restaurant.

3. Simple Design

Sign holders for walls have a simple design that makes them easy to use. Paper inserts slide easily into place, and it's just easy to slide them out again. This means you can swap information in the blink of an eye.

4. Easy to Clean

The smooth surface of acrylic wall frames ensures they are easy to keep clean. A squirt of sanitizer and a wipe with a clean cloth will take away smudges throughout the day, but you can clean them properly with warm water just before closing time.

5. Delivers Message Clearly

The primary purpose of a sign holder is to clearly display poster information or content to your audience, customers, and potential clients. Brevity is highly recommended in advertising so people don't wander off halfway through your ad. The naturally limiting size of sign holders forces you to be as brief—and creative—as possible.

Even if advertising is not your goal, inserts should have a minimal amount of text and lots of artwork; for example, bright explanatory diagrams, such as directions to fire exits in a building. 

6. Portable

There's nothing easier than moving an acrylic sign holder and wall mount, for instance, to the other side of the office. They're light and can be set up again quickly and easily somewhere else, like stock shelves. 

Acrylic Wall Mount Sign Holders and Frames: Shapes and Sizes

There are four types of acrylic wall-mounted sign holders: 

  1. Wall-mounted sign holders with screws
  2. Wall-mounted flush sign holders
  3. Wall-mounted clear acrylic c-style sign holders - In c-style holders, signs are slid in and out from the side. C-style wall-mounted sign holders can be kept in place using screws. The screws are placed out of sight behind the sign.
  4. Multi-sign wall-mounted sign holders - Multi-sign wall-mounted sign holders are also held in place with screws, but the appearance is slightly more professional than standard screw holders because fewer holes are needed when compared to individual holders.

Each type comes in portrait and landscape shapes, as well as a number of sizes, starting at 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches for landscape and portrait shapes and going all the way up to 28 inches x 22 inches for landscape and portrait shapes.

Industries that are Using Wall-Mounted Sign Holders 

Many industries enjoy the features and benefits of wall sign holders through their marketing campaign that helps increase brand awareness and companies boost sales—making them achieve their goals and success.

These industries include:

Retail Stores 

Acrylic wall sign holders are perfect for advertising great deals and upcoming special events because they take up minimal floor space. They improve point-of-sale communication by providing eye-catching notices that highlight the products displayed.


Wall sign holders enable restaurant owners and managers to advertise daily specials. They can display the menu outward facing so that passers-by can see what's available. Creative posers can invite customers inside for a unique experience.


Sign holders for walls are particularly helpful in hospitals as they can display important information in easily accessible ways, and because acrylic signs are so cheap, information can be conveyed in several locations on each floor. 

Potential applications include directions to different wards and documents on doctor's doors, such as new operating times or price changes.


Wall-mounted acrylic sign holders have many applications in banks. For example, restroom signs, surveillance signs, bank safety, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) signs.

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