Have you noticed that more people are passing by your store than entering? This is why promoting outdoors with the help of weatherproof brochure holders, sign holders, and ad frames, lets you reach a wider audience than sticking up to indoor promotions.

Learn more about the advantages of outdoor advertising and how weatherproof literature holders can help you elevate your brand and improve your sales!

What are Weatherproof Brochure Holders?

Weatherproof brochure holders are a type of container designed to offer protection to its contents like flyers, brochures, posters, banners, pamphlets, leaflets, coupons, gift cards, magazines, folders, booklets, business cards, signs and labels, documents, and folders, etc. against the natural elements.

They are typically made of clear plexiglass or acrylic to withstand outdoor weather conditions and are intended for outdoor advertising.

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising is marketing targeted at people when they are outside their homes. Despite the dominance of digital marketing nowadays, outdoor advertising is very much alive because customers buy what they see, and they spend a huge portion of their days outdoors.

If you want to compete with other local businesses in your area, you must engage in outdoor marketing and advertise using posters, brochures, and flyers outside your store.

What are the Advantages of Using Weatherproof Brochure Holders for Business?

Let People Know Where You Are

When it comes to marketing, sometimes quality is more important than quantity. Rather than reaching more people by advertising online, putting up eye-catching posters and distributing brochures and flyers outside of your store is better.

It is more likely to help people remember where you are located. And if they ever need your product or service, they already know where to find you.

Increase Your Reach, Increase Your Sales.

Even if you're doing digital marketing, traditional marketing has a way of increasing your reach. When you build a relationship with customers outside their devices, for example, you tend to leave a more lasting impression. 

By placing ads or brochures outside your store, you encourage passersby and those who came for pickup to engage with your business. This can help you build a stronger relationship with existing clients who don't enter your store and also attract new customers to your shop. 

Get Maximum Exposure for Your Brand

There's a saying that "All marketing is good marketing." With so many brands popping up left and right, making your brand stand out is a challenge. This is why you should aim to stand out in whatever way you can.

A great way of doing this, especially for people in your area, is by displaying branded marketing content and placing ad materials outside. 

Update People About Offers and Promos

When you leave brochures and flyers in outdoor locations with good foot traffic, people who pass by your shop will have an idea of what you offer, and those who are interested will learn about promotions or new products and services available.

And since your outdoor display is near your store, they already know where to go to do business with you.

What are Some Examples of Weatherproof Brochure Holders for Outdoor Display?

If you're set to do outdoor marketing, there are many designs and categories of weatherproof brochures and pamphlet holders available.

There is no best type of weatherproof brochure holder; so read further about your options and see which type is the best fit for your intended use!


While using tape to attach posters to walls indoors is fine, this will not work outdoors. Instead, consider using weatherproof wall-mounted literature or poster holders. These can come in a variety of sizes, and allow you to slide in a poster, typically from the sides or the bottom, to protect the paper from rain and snow. 


There are instances where you have tables or shelves outdoors. Whether you're a restaurant with al fresco dining, a shop with outdoor product displays, or an outdoor counter—weatherproof table-top or countertop sign holders work great for displaying your items and their prices, such as through a menu or a catalog.

Brochure Stand

When you want to inform people about who you are and what you offer, giving out flyers and brochures is a great way to send out that information. And the best way to reach your audience is by making your display very noticeable in a place with high foot traffic. 

Since a stand can be placed anywhere, it works well for this situation. And because weatherproof brochure stands come in clear material, people can easily notice your logo, text, and other distinguishing features of your brand.

Single Pocket vs. Multipocket

Your business may be running a single promotion or offering multiple promotions at a time. If you'd like to only distribute one kind of brochure or flyer, a single pocket brochure holder will work well. 

Otherwise, you can opt for a brochure holder with pamphlet pockets. These are great not only for displaying multiple flyers at the same time, but you can display different types of marketing materials simultaneously, such as displaying pamphlets while also displaying business cards.

Angled vs. Vertical

Depending on where you plan to put your display, a sign holder may be angled or vertical. Angled holders are best used when the audience is viewing the material from above, such as with displays on lower shelves. Meanwhile, vertical displays work best for eye-level views.

Side, Top, or Bottom Loading

Weatherproof brochure holders should keep your marketing materials dry. Whether it's holding a sign, a brochure, or a poster, a weatherproof holder typically has small slits on the side or at the bottom where you can insert your promotional material to prevent it from getting wet.

There are instances, however, of top loading holders that come with covers, also making them safe to use outdoors.

Get Weatherproof Brochure and Sign Holders for Your Outdoor Display

Take advantage of outdoor literature displays for marketing your business and making your brand known to people. Get durable weatherproof brochures and sign holders from Displays and Holders that will allow people to see your printed promotional materials while also keeping them safe from the elements.

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