If you’ve entered any store recently, chances are you’ve seen some products on acrylic displays. And as you looked around, there must have been a few products that immediately drew your attention.

Stores utilize their space very strategically in order to highlight some of their products and promote sales. One of the key tools in such merchandising practice is the use of display risers, particularly, acrylic display risers, which have the incredible ability to make select products stand out through elevated product placement.

What is an AcrylicDisplay Riser?

An acrylic display riser, also known as an acrylic pedestal or acrylic stand, is a simple boxy U-type structure made of acrylic or polymethyl methacrylate, a durable kind of plastic. Acrylic display risers are used to strategically utilize height in product placement to showcase products on multiple levels. This allows stores to highlight certain products.

Acrylic display risers come in many sizes, shapes, and variations. This versatility makes them an excellent choice of display tool for various store locations, from window displays and storefronts to counters and tables.

What are the Different Types of Display Risers?

Display risers can refer to any material used in product display, which allows stores to utilize height for maximum product placement impact. This means that depending on the creativity and resourcefulness of merchandisers, almost anything and everything can be used as a display riser.

Though there is almost an unlimited variation of display risers, most display risers are made out of acrylic and wood. And some of the most commonly used display risers in stores come in any of the following forms: 


These risers have right and left legs and a surface on top where products are placed. Because of their design, various heights of U-shaped risers can be used together to showcase several products in a staggered format—effectively highlighting some products over others.

Such risers are most commonly used in storefronts and counters for product placement.


These risers look like posts or large blocks, aimed at showcasing specific products on their own, for maximum impact. Such are most commonly used in museums and exhibits.


These risers resemble staircases, with various levels of display in one structure. Such is used for displaying multiple products together, side by side and staggered. These are most commonly found in makeup isles, jewelry displays, and shops that sell smaller products.


These risers resemble a post or block, except that they have various shelf-like surfaces which allow for product display on all sides, and in various heights. Such is often used to display several products at once and are most spotted to display regular products in stores.


These risers are blocks of wood, acrylic, or even glass used to elevate products. Unlike U-shaped risers, these don’t have the versatility of displaying several products in a staggered format, hence, are best suited to highlight fewer pieces for display.


These risers are often made of acrylic. Though called cube risers, these usually have 5 surfaces only, with one side open. When placed over a product, this cages a product in, while also displaying another product on top.

Such displays often give the impression of highlighting one product, while including other products that complement or go with it.


Similar to cube risers, but with a cylindrical shape instead of cubes. Cylinder risers are also often made from acrylic and have an open side which allows the display of products within the cylinder while highlighting another product placed over it. 


These risers, also commonly known as book displays or book stands, are tilted stands resembling easels. There’s a thin strip of elongated surface for supporting the book, and there are attached legs to support the book and keep it upright. Though primarily used for book display, these risers can sometimes be used to showcase records, CDs, paintings, and art pieces as well.


These risers are tilted structures, either in U-shape or Z-shape, that often come with a stopper for a shoe’s heel. This type of riser is specifically designed for the display of footwear and is rarely used in other settings.

How Do Acrylic Risers Improve Your Store?

When it comes to product placement, utilization of space is the name of the game. How well a product stands out has everything to do with where they are placed with respect to everything else on display. 

Acrylic risers, with their unrivaled transparency, provide a clean, organized, and seamless look to a store, which directs your customer’s attention to your products. They create an illusion of more space, while simultaneously elevating select products to make them more visible. 

Place acrylic risers on tabletops, and see how acrylic display risers can create eye-catching product displays, which can increase sales for said products. 

Creating Your Custom Display Risers

Though we’ve outlined the most common types of display risers above, merchandisers are highly encouraged to get creative with the type of platform they would like to use in stores.

Hence, custom display risers are a great option, especially for showcasing unique products or creating unique product displays. You can select your own display riser shapes and sizes, and have the option to customize your display risers by silk-screen printing your logo or name on them.

Choosing Plexiglass Manufacturers for Your Next Acrylic Display Stand

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