Acrylic Risers are amazing tools to help create eye-catching displays that better use your table space to show off a desired product.

While acrylic display stands are simple in nature, they are powerful marketing pieces. Whether you're new to using acrylic risers or are hoping to get started improving your displays, here is what you need to know about using them effectively in your retail or business space.

What Are Acrylic Risers?

Acrylic risers are simply displays that use multiple levels to help put the focus on your products. The risers often look like differing kinds of stairs. These risers are most often found in retail establishments but are useful in a variety of places: book stores, museums, boutiques, and even in regular homes.

Of course, there are all kinds of different stands on the market. Some people opt for wooden or composite materials to build a display space. These are also fine options, but acrylic is your best bet if you want stands that mix durability and practicality.

Acrylic is known to the science world as polymethyl methacrylate. To the regular person, it's often called plexiglass or merely acrylic. This material first hit the scene in the late 1920s and has been drawing attention ever since.

The biggest benefit of acrylic risers is that they are made from one of the clearest materials around. Plexiglass is often mistaken for glass because of its transparent and clear appearance. Using a clear material helps keep all the attention on your product and not the stand itself.

Acrylic can also handle all kinds of environments. It's easily used indoors and outdoors and can handle up to 17 times the impact as glass with only half the weight of glass. That means, unlike wood or metal, plexiglass isn't known to bow, rot, dent, or degrade over time. It's also extremely easy to clean and can handle a host of different chemicals.

On top of all the benefits acrylic provides, it's also much cheaper than other display products. That means it's easy to see a great return on your investment.

The Top Four Ways to Effectively Use Acrylic Risers to Catch Eye-Catching Displays

Now that you know what acrylic risers are and the benefits of using this strong, durable, and attractive material, it's worth looking into best practices for getting the most out of your displays.

At their base level, these displays are pretty straight forward. You place a product on top of the riser and place the riser in a prominent location in the store. Even if you only did this, your products would gain the attention they deserve, and you could point customers towards specials, sales, and promotions.

Of course, there are better ways to display your items to help them gain even more attention from your customers. Here are some of our top tips:

1. Stick With Your Store's Style

When you create a visual display, you are communicating your brand's image. A display that conflicts with your shop's overall message can be jarring to customers, even if they don't realize it.

Consider how your shop is decorated: does it use harsh or soft edges? What colors are typically used? Is the store more open and spacious or tight and crowded? Create your displays to complement your brand.

You also have to consider your store's layout. Your goal is to make it difficult for customers to overlook or pass over your displays.

For example, items that are kept on your shop's front walls may require extra emphasis when displaying them. Otherwise, shoppers won't see these items until they are leaving the store.

If you're not sure how to stay on brand, ask your marketing department for some tips. Better yet, jump online and look up whatever marketing or advertising campaigns are being used by other stores. If it's still unclear, take stock of how your actual store is designed and decorated.

2. Do Everything With Intention

It would be easy to just throw some items on a riser and call it a day. This effort may draw some attention, but it won't make a huge impact on your sales.

One way you can add intention to your designs is to group things together. Acrylic risers have multiple levels, so they are perfect options to show off related groups of goods.

For example, you might have a particular men's watch on sale that you want to highlight on a riser. It may make sense to include other related products like cufflinks, cologne, or even dress socks. You can increase sales simply by placing ensembles together.

Keep in mind that customers typically expect the most expensive item to be at the top of the riser. You can also use this style or organization to suggest an item is more important.

3. Keep Things Symmetrical

Symmetry is known to help create a more claiming space than a more chaotic design. Your display doesn't have to be a perfect tit-for-tat style, but it should have some kind of balance.

Many stores stick to a rule of three for their risers. This set up could be one item on the top riser with the other two items placed on either side on lower risers; you get a nice triangle of related products.

Symmetry also applies if you decide to spruce up your display. Adding colors, props, or other decorations can really help your display pop, especially if you stay on brand. Just make sure not to decorate your display so that it's lopsided. Even though customers may not realize it, an asymmetrical product display creates tension and can turn clients away.

4. Trust the Experts

If you're still not sure how to best use acrylic risers to catch the attention of your shoppers, discuss your options with your display supplier.

Not only do we at Displays and Holders offer the widest selection of acrylic displays at unbeatable prices, but we can also offer advice on how to get the most out of your displays.

Instead of beating your head against the wall trying to promote your products, reach out to our team at Displays and Holders today and take your first step towards a more profitable tomorrow.