Let your customers try samples of your winery or brewery products! Using Custom Acrylic Displays for your Wine Tasting Room is a great option. You will create an experience that will encourage your customers to remember your offers and promotions.

Every marketing effort is geared towards driving more sales. For breweries or wineries, getting potential customers to sample their products through wine-tasting rooms is a marketing strategy that aims to sell their wine, and the use of acrylic displays helps showcase these fine drinks.

However, it can be a challenge to make wine-tasting effective at making conversions because these drinks can look the same—and their nuances can only be apparent once someone experiences them.

Tips to Enhance Your Wine Tasting Room and Drive Sales

Check out these tips to help you improve your wine-tasting room to drive sales!

Get More Visitors

Every marketing and sales funnel begins with lead generation. To improve your wine sales, get more people to visit your wine-tasting room. A great way to do this is through digital marketing and through brochures, flyers, and leaflets.

You can utilize paid search ads and paid social media ads to attract people from all over to come to visit your wine-tasting room.

You can also capitalize on the foot traffic already in your wine-tasting room's location to get them to drop by and pay you a visit. A great way of doing this is by placing brochure holders in high-traffic areas or related establishments.

Make Navigation Easier

Even if people are interested in visiting your wine-tasting room, you will have zero chance of selling anything if they never get to the location. Especially if the way to your wine-tasting room can be tricky and hinder your sales strategy.

You can make navigation easier for customers by putting your address in online directories like Google Business, so people can easily find you on Google Maps. Another thing you can do is put your address and a map on your website as well as any literature you use for promotions.

When people receive your flyers, seeing a map of how to get to your wine-tasting room makes the journey a lot easier and reduces the barrier for those who wish to visit. 

Another thing you should consider is placing hard-to-miss signage that allows people to locate your wine-tasting room. Put signage around the neighborhood with arrows pointing toward your location/ Also, it is wise to indicate the distance left to travel before arriving at your wine-tasting room.

Keep the Customer Informed

Wine tasting will not lead to sales if people do not know what they are tasting and this is where content comes in—supplementing the tasting experience.

As customers enter a wine tasting room, not only do they expect to try different kinds of wine, but they are also expecting to learn about the wines they will be trying. 

Though your guide or server can provide information verbally, people are visual creatures who need to see information printed on paper—with this, they can take their time to read it and revisit it later.

As such, placing information and labels using sign holders on wine displays and making literature about the history, source, and manufacturing process of the product readily available with well-placed brochure holders goes a long way.

This helps people understand wine better, so they can pick and choose the one they wish to purchase.

Upgrade Your Wine Display

Though wine-tasting rooms are about showcasing the taste of the different wines in stock, presentation is still a huge factor in influencing people's buying decisions. Display your wines so they are easy to see. Also, organize the wines, so they are identifiable and easily accessible.

For the special wines on promotion, consider using an acrylic display stand. Its transparency makes it barely noticeable, which serves to highlight the wine, and its versatility makes it fit into most interior designs! 

These display modifications may seem minor, but they can have a huge impact when it comes to customer experience and convincing people to buy your wine.

Train Your Staff

Most people who enter your wine-tasting room will not be experts and will rely on your staff to guide them through the entire process. To ensure your customers get the best experience, you should train your staff to know the differences between all the wines.

But more than knowing your products off the back of their hands, your staff should be trained to be attentive to the customers.

Wine-tasting rooms are a great opportunity for you to observe customers and offer them the drinks that would suit their tastes.

Having trained staff that can not only explain the wine themselves but recommend one that customers are likely to enjoy is a valuable asset that is sure to drive sales.

Improve the Customer Experience

The customer experience is crucial to influencing customers' buying decisions. Besides the aforementioned tips which improve customer experience, you should also develop a deep understanding of your customers to help provide what they need and want. 

To improve the customer experience, you should make the entire process of purchasing wine as easy as possible for the customer. This means providing them with what they need from the moment they hear about your wine-tasting room all the way to them making the purchase.

Modify Your Sales Strategy

Last but not least, a surefire way to drive more sales in your wine-tasting room is by modifying your sales strategy.

Most wine-tasting rooms allow customers to taste their liquor for free. However, such a business model is open to abuse and you may find yourself entertaining customers who taste dozens of drinks but wind up buying nothing. 

To avoid this, some wine tasting rooms charge an entrance fee or a tasting fee for every customer. Though charging $5 upfront may seem unremarkable initially, having hundreds of customers who pay that fee, on top of the bottles of wine some of them actually purchase, will undeniably grow your revenue. 

Enhance Your Wine Tasting Room Using Acrylic Displays

Signs, product information labels, and brochures on product history can mean the world when it comes to selling something as complex as wine. With so many options in your cellar, customers are bound to feel overwhelmed if left alone in your wine-tasting room.

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