When patients or guests enter a medical facility, the white walls, quiet space, and people in uniform can be intimidating. For those who don't know where to start, presenting them with clearly visible and readable signages by using a sign holder is a good way of helping them navigate a new environment.

Not to mention, having signage or brochure on display, in areas of high foot traffic helps ensure that people notice the brochure and learn more about medical conditions, procedures, and treatments.

Help put people at ease as they enter your clinic or hospital by learning about how to best display your signages and brochures using reliable and versatile sign holders!

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sign Holder

Make your brochures and signages as accessible to your patients and guests as possible by choosing the best table sign holder for your intended use!


When choosing a sign holder, start with what you wish for it to contain. Signs come in many forms and sizes. The dimensions of your signage as well as its weight and material used impact your decision-making when choosing the best sign holder.


Countertop sign holders intend to showcase signages and brochures to create maximum impact and achieve your objective. However, this means that sign holders are either in really high places for unobstructed visibility, or they're placed in easily accessible locations, making them prone to wear and tear, or even weather damage.

Hence, when choosing sign holders, it's important to consider the construction of the holder. Not only will this tell you how the holder is to be used, but it also informs you about how well the holder will stand the test of time.


When it comes to displays, there are limitless possibilities for presenting signage or brochure. This has led to various designs for sign holders. Some common options are hanging, tiered or multi-pocket, standing, wall-mounted, hooked, Slatwall, bottom-loading, and countertop options.


In lieu of a well-constructed sign holder, comes its durability. The material used helps determine how long the sign holder will last. This is an important consideration, especially for sign holders that are expected to suffer more wear and tear than usual, such as those in walkways, reception desks, and most especially, outdoors.

Good materials for maximum durability include wood, aluminum, and acrylic.


You may change up your signages and brochures over time, hence, it's more sustainable to invest in versatile sign holders from the get-go, so you can use them to display varying types of signages and brochures. This allows you to get more bang for your buck, not to mention, that it's friendlier to the environment!


Though all sign holders are generally created to display signages and brochures, not all of them serve the exact same purpose. Some sign holders intend to protect the material, whereas others intend to make the material more accessible, and there are also those who prioritize making the material most visible.

Identifying the purpose of your sign holder helps you properly select the best sign holder. For signages to help people with navigation, lightweight and clear sign holders that can hang or mount on high places are ideal, whereas tiered or multi-pocket sign holders are best for holding multiple brochures or pamphlets.


When talking about sign holders, visibility can mean two things—how well signage or brochure can be noticed or seen from a distance, and how clearly signage or brochure can be seen through its container.

For the former, sign holders that can be hung from the ceiling, mounted onto a wall, or standing on their own are some examples that promote visibility. For the second reason, sign holders that are transparent and made of clear material that doesn't obstruct views, such as glass or plastic, are ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign holders play a key role in marketing. To best perform their purpose, they come in various sizes, designs, and construction, ranging from table sign holders and countertop sign holders to shelf talkers and acrylic blocks, which help bring materials like signages and brochures closer to the intended audience.

What are sign holders called?

Sign holders are also called ad frames, shelf-talkers, clear acrylic blocks, and brochure stand.

What type of plastic is used for signs?

The most common type of plastic used for sign holders is acrylic. Acrylic is a type of transparent plastic with great strength, hard-to-beat clarity, as well as water resistance. This makes acrylic a great choice for durability and visibility.

What is the importance of a brochure?

Brochures are a type of marketing material that inform shoppers about certain topics or services to help increase awareness or boost sales. Brochures are a good means of marketing a brand or product and are an effective tool for businesses to better reach their target customers.

What is an acrylic sign?

An acrylic sign is a type of signage made of acrylic. This can mean that the sign is printed or attached directly to an acrylic surface, or it's a sheet of paper contained within an acrylic sign holder.

How do you make a wood sign holder?

Wood tabletop sign holders are typically rectangular blocks of wood with a groove on one surface for inserting posters or acrylics.

Meanwhile, wood displays or blocks can be wood of any shape or form of your choice, usually, a cube, rectangle, or cylinder, used to elevate products or boost materials for better visibility.

Let People Know Your Brand

Businesses should never compromise the display of their signages and brochures. Clearly visible and easily accessible marketing materials help make sure your message reaches its intended audience.

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