The retail world is highly competitive and getting noticed before everyone else is the ultimate goal. Aside from having a great promotional offer and an excellent marketing campaign you will need to inspire your customers to take action in your shop. This is important for the increase in sales and promoting your brand as a whole.

When considering the design of your tabletop top displays, you could think of brochures and flyers. The advantage of tabletop or countertop displays is that they are very portable and can be repositioned to many tables as possible. However, they can easily be knocked over and this could result in some form of damage. To avoid this, you will need a strong and durable tabletop sign holder with the right amount of thickness. Tabletop signs are handy marketing tools when used the right way and will generate more revenue for you.

Our experienced team will help you to choose the best tabletop sign holders to resonate with your promotional goals. You can choose from a wide range of available options, including the best design, material, and thickness for your sign holder.

What are some ideas for effective tabletop promotion?

Tabletop displays are very effective when placed near high-ticket items or where there is a constant flow of traffic. The checkout counter is a prime location for your tabletop promotion and will easily get noticed. However, not all tabletop displays are optimized to ensure the highest return or lead capture. By tweaking a few things here and there, you can start to notice a slight increase in customer response. Here's what you can do to maximize on tabletop promotions.

  • Use catchy images

Great images will instantly grab the attention of the customer. However, they need to be relevant to your product or service if you are to get any good results. Too often, great images are used that are not relevant to the business itself or the target audience. A balancing of the two will bring you increased revenue. Also, the images need to depict the correct use of your product or service, preferably by the target audience.

  • Use engaging headlines

Your headline should focus on the key selling points of your product rather than the features characteristics. This also includes the use of value-focused literature to go with the product images. For your promotion, mention the discount you are offering or any product add-ons that are included.

  • Use action words

Many tabletop promotions fail to achieve the intended results simply because they lack a clear call-to-action. Alternatively, some are too complicated for customers to even understand or may be too demanding. A simple CTA has the highest conversion rate as it does not put off interested customers. To begin with, reduce the steps for taking action and a considerable number of people will show interest and actually take action to your request.

  • Keep the overall outline simple and sweet

Your copy should be value-focused and straight to the point. Most people are not interested in extra details and will want to get the core information first before they can make any decision. If you want the highest return, mention the price, discount percentage or what your offer is. What value are they going to get from using your product?

While most people will spend big bucks on advertising and marketing, these tabletop promotion ideas are equally effective without you breaking the bank. Easy to follow and apply, anyone can increase their sales and revenue by implementing the above steps.