Advertising the deals in your retail establishment can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the tools available. Using brochure holders can help you communicate with customers on different levels. For example, you can use a brochure holder near a certain brand so that customers can see all that the brand has to offer. You can also create your own custom brochure for customers to take with them. This will serve as an everlasting reminder of what they can expect to find upon their next visit. It will also entice them to come back and purchase the products laid out for them in the brochure.

After you have designed and printed your brochures and other marketing materials, the next step is to find a way to display them effectively. Using an acrylic brochure holder will help you amp up your marketing strategy and keep customers coming back.

Types of Brochure Holders


Wall-mounted brochure holders are attached to the wall. They are ideal for areas of your store that are prone to high foot traffic because they won’t fall or break. If you choose to use a wall-mounted holder, make sure that you place it in an area where it can be seen. If you’re a retail store, make sure that no other displays or products are blocking it.


Countertop display stands will sit on a flat surface, like a table or display counter. They are portable and can be carried from place to place. Unfortunately, they can be dropped because they are not mounted on anything. However, the pros far outweigh the cons because you can use them for experimenting.

You may not always know the best place to put your stands, but with a portable tabletop display, you can change their placement every few days and measure the effectiveness by how many sales were achieved or how many brochures were taken out of their holders.

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Single vs. Multi-Pocket

You have two options for display holders: single pocket and multiple pockets. Single pocket solutions are ideal for signs and items that customers won’t be picking up and taking with them as often.

Multi-pocket is great for brochures and other materials that you want to share. They can hold as many as six brochures so you won’t have to refill them as often as single pockets.

It’s possible that you’ll also have various types of marketing materials. Multiple pocket holders allow you to put all of your materials in one area so that you can effectively advertise and communicate different promotions with your customers.

How Can Brochure Holders Boost Business?

Of course, you must have materials to place in your brochure holder. These materials can say anything you want, including when deals start and end, and which products customers should be most excited about. Many businesses choose to promote loyalty programs, offers and discounts, upsell items, and launch new products-- all of which can increase sales.

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When someone walks into a store, they may not know what’s available for them. Most shoppers like to scan items but if they can’t find the items or the deals they want, they may leave. Brochure holders and signs work by showing people what they would be missing out on if they left.

Relying on greeters and salespeople alone may not be effective for most businesses. However, using brochure holders can help you reach your entire customer base and tell them about all of your amazing products and deals. When customers learn about deals and products, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Choosing the Right Brochure Holder for Your Business

Every type of acrylic stand has its advantages. There is no standard one-type-fits-all. Your business is unlike any other business, and your need for sign holders will differ from the business down the street. The best option for your store depends on your marketing goals and budget.

For example, if you only have one printed piece of marketing material, you may choose to use a wall-mounted sign holder versus a multi-pocket brochure holder. If you have multiple books, magazines, business cards, brochures, and signs, you’ll want to work with different literature holders that allow you to feature promotional products and increase sales.

Using Custom Brochure Holders

Once you’ve got the promotional materials you need to deliver value and quality service to your customers, it’s time to start using custom brochure holders. Maybe you haven’t printed any marketing materials yet, but you’re wondering how brochure holders can help you market your business and drive sales. Here’s what you can do to make the best out of your acrylic display stands:

  • Use an acrylic sign holder at the entrance of your store. This will let customers know about the services or deals you’re offering as soon as they enter. If you place it correctly, you can reach people walking by, and it may be the driving factor for whey they decided to come into your business. Make sure that the ad you’re using is clear and concise, and use colors that pop out to grab customer attention.
  • Nothing drives sales like coupons. Many businesses mail coupons to bring customers in, but you can keep them in your store by offering coupons in-store. If you have a website and also sell products online, make sure that the deals in your store differ to keep customers shopping both in-store and online.
  • Experiment with the different types of brochure holders. You will not always know which type of acrylic display will work best for you. You may think that a single pocket brochure holder will work best, but come to find customers complaining about it always being empty. By experimenting will wall-mount vs. countertop displays, you can better understand the needs of your customer base and adapt to finding the correct plastic brochure holder for you.