Does your business market its products and services using brochures? An effective brochure can produce a large quantity of sales or leads for your business, making it an important goal to ensure that your brochures get into prospects’ hands.

One of the most effective ways to give out brochures is by placing your brochures in a brochure holder. This puts your brochures right in front of prospects as they shop in your retail store, visit your trade show booth or dine in your restaurant.

But where should your business mount its brochure holders? Is it better to place a brochure holder on the counter, where it’s visible to most customers, or mount it on the wall, where it’s out of the way and easier to reach?

Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of mounting a brochure holder on the counter or on the wall, as well as the most effective option for your business.

Why should you mount your brochure holder on the wall?

There are several advantages to mounting your brochure holder on the wall instead of keeping it on a counter or tabletop. The biggest advantage of keeping a brochure holder on the wall is that it’s less likely to get in the way of customer transactions.

If your café or restaurant only has a small counter, adding a brochure holder could take up valuable counter space. This can make dealing with customers a challenge for your business and result in longer queues and slower traffic at your counter.

Another advantage of mounting your brochure holder on the wall is that it’s at eye level for most people. Many people miss countertop brochure holders as they sit at below the level of most people’s eyesight, requiring people to look down to notice.

One disadvantage of mounting your brochure holder on the wall is that it could be less accessible. This is particularly true if your counter is far from the walls of your retail store or restaurant, requiring customers to reach in order to take a brochure.

Why should you keep your brochure holder on the counter?

Your retail store or restaurant’s checkout counter is the classic location to keep a brochure holder, and for good reason – it’s the one part of your store that every customer will pass by as they exit.

There are several advantages to keeping your brochure holder on the counter. The first is that every paying customer – an audience that’s likely to be most receptive to further marketing efforts – is going to pass it.

A second advantage is that keeping brochures on your counter, where staff are close at hand, allows your staff to give away brochures to customers as a type of upsell – a simple addition to your sales process that can result in greater customer loyalty.

The disadvantage, of course, is that keeping your brochure holder on the counter is going to take up some space. This can be a problem if your retail store, restaurant or café is small and lacks the space to process customer transactions easily.

Which solution is best for your store or restaurant?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options – mounting your brochure holder on a wall versus storing it on the counter. Each option offers several benefits for some businesses and marketing weaknesses for others.

The best option for your retail store, café or restaurant depends on the amount of space that’s available on your checkout countertop, the type of audience that you are targeting with your brochures and the design and layout of your store.