What is your company’s identity? Creating a strong and effective corporate identity is one of the most important aspects of effective marketing, especially for companies that depend on the power of their brand to reach and acquire new customers.

Your corporate identity not only plays a role in helping customers remember your brand – it also works as an image of your company’s values and ideals that affects your employees, managers and owners.

A powerful corporate identity can set your company apart from its competitors and make its marketing efforts stand out. This can mean significantly better results from your marketing efforts, whether they’re in the form of signage or direct mail.

Many marketers struggle to effectively implement their corporate identity as part of their retail signage. In this guide, we’ll share three simple techniques to develop and strengthen your corporate identity through retail signage.

Make your branding a prominent aspect of your signage

How prominent is your company’s brand in its advertising? Well-known brands like Nike and Apple rarely miss an opportunity to include their name and logo in signage or other marketing materials.

One of the most important aspects of effective branding is frequency. If customers – or prospective customers – see your brand frequently, they’re more likely to view it positively and remember it in the future.

Make branding a prominent aspect of your signage by incorporating your logo into all of your retail signs. Even in-store signage should include your logo and corporate identify to strengthen it and increase brand recognition.

Keep your message focused, consistent and memorable

How consistent is your company’s marketing message? Many companies focus on the action side of marketing and use a different message for every campaign to get the highest possible response rate within the campaign itself.

This produces great short-term results, but at a cost. Since you’ve used a different message in every marketing communication, your marketing efforts have produced results without creating any long-term brand for your company.

Keep your marketing message focused, consistent and memorable in your signage and in your other visual marketing channels. This way, customers will remember your company’s values, identity and marketing message over the long term.

Use your company’s color scheme for all communications

One of the biggest mistakes many companies make is using a different color scheme for different advertising campaigns. Color is an incredibly important part of creating a visual identity for your company, making it a vital component of every campaign.

Use a different color for every sign and people are unlikely to associate your brand with any one look. There’s a reason we associate Coca-Cola with red or Shell with yellow – because these colors are core elements of their marketing and identity.

What color best represents your brand? Make one color a major focus of your retail signage and visual advertising and you’ll create a consistent look that customers will automatically associate with your brand whenever and wherever they see it.