Even in the digital age, there remains a space for in-person promotions. This form of marketing allows you to directly build a relationship with customers by making the shopping process more interactive for whoever is interested. And with the help of literature holders, acrylic holders, and ad frames, businesses can use well-placed physical posters and ads to their advantage.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Literature Display

No matter how good the content of your flyers and pamphlets is, they are useless if no one can read their information. They need a fitting literature display to reach their target audience.

Check out some factors that will help you choose the best literature display for you.

Business Need

Before choosing a literature display, determine whether your business will benefit from it. Though brochures and pamphlets will always have their place in business marketing strategies, not all will benefit from this type of marketing.

The types of businesses that benefit from handing out literature are those that conduct business in person. This pertains to service providers such as banks, travel agencies, and insurance companies, or restaurants, salons, and spas. 

As these businesses rely on people visiting their location, they will do well to invest in their in-person marketing to improve customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

Available Space

Before buying a literature display, look at your available space and choose the size and structure of your literature display accordingly. The last thing you want is to get a huge literature display that takes up too much space. This can get in the way of your work and disrupt your operations; it will also make your space look cluttered and may discourage people from entering your premises.

If you have little to no space, consider wall-mounted brochure holders. If you have some to spare, pick vertical literature displays. These can showcase a variety of materials when you pick a design with tiers or layers. 

However, if you have a larger space, consider getting beautifully structured literature stands that attract attention. 


Choosing a literature display is a business decision. Hence, the best literature display is one within your budget.

Whether they're expensive literature displays made of metal and unique designs that go up to hundreds of dollars or they're simpler displays made of plastic, which also last just as long—choose one that fits your budget.

Nature of Business

Even if you have a huge budget, purchasing a literature acrylic holder with an elaborate design may not be suitable for your business if you have fast food, a hospital, or a bank.

Besides your budget and space, also consider the type of business you have. Then, choose a literature display that matches your aesthetic and branding.

Spas and hotels may benefit from more expensive-looking literature displays—whereas restaurant counters and clinics may be better off with clean and simple literature displays.


Because purchasing a literature display is a business decision, choose a literature display made of durable material so that your money is going into a worthwhile investment. Some durable literature materials are stainless steel, polished wood, and acrylic or plexiglass.

Stainless steel and polished wood look sophisticated and work well in dry environments indoors, whereas acrylic or plexiglass work well both indoors and outdoors due to their waterproof nature.


A consideration for some businesses is the versatility of the literature display. Though some businesses intend to use their literature display in only one location or purpose, most businesses like to reuse them based on need.

The same literature displays you use in your office should do well outdoors, in exhibits, or at events. For this reason, choose versatile materials such as acrylic or plexiglass, as these are clear and can easily be repurposed.

Literature for Display

When choosing your literature display, a huge consideration is the literature for display. Does your display need to hold posters, books, magazines, pamphlets, or business cards? The sizes of these marketing items vary greatly, and choosing the size of your literature display should be determined by what you wish to showcase. 

If you plan to display two or more types of literature at a time, consider literature displays with pockets of varying sizes.

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Using Literature Display to Your Advantage

After you've chosen the right literature display for you, it's time to put it to use and make sure it helps your literature reach its intended audience. Here are some ways to help you take advantage of your chosen literature display.

Consider its Placement

The location of your literature display matters a lot when it comes to reaching your target audience. If you're handing out brochures and your target audience is passersby, then you should place your literature display where there is high foot traffic.

Meanwhile, if you're handing out business cards to clients, then your literature display should be on your countertop or desk, where you interact with your clients. 

Maximize its Portability

Literature displays are typically not fixed to one location. As such, you can move them around to test where they get the most traction. Try placing your literature display on various walkways or sidewalks to see where people are most likely to pay attention. If your brochure is not getting attention at your counter, try putting it in the waiting room or reception area and see whether they perform better there.

Use it for Multiple Purposes

Literature displays are not disposable one-and-done purchases. They are reusable marketing tools that should be utilized for multiple occasions and purposes to help you maximize the investment you made.

The same brochure holder you used to advertise a product can be reused to hold pamphlets at your next trade show. The sign holder you used for table reservations can be repurposed to display product prices on your shelves.

Always reuse and don't be afraid to get creative!

Get the Right Literature Display for Your Company

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