Choose from our large variety of display stands, acrylic racks and brochure holders used in banks, insurance offices and credit card companies. Great option for holding brochures, flyers, cards, pamphlets and more! 

Though digital marketing reigns supreme in the modern era, many banks and credit cards still get good results from good old brochures and leaflets. And what better way to have your brochures reach your target audience than through well-designed and strategically placed brochure holders?

The best way to get a customer to purchase a banking product or to get a credit card is to let them know you exist. Learn more about how acrylic holders, like brochure holders and literature holders, help banks and credit card companies improve their marketing strategy and increase their sales!

What Makes Good Brochure Holders?

Good product information materials are useless if you can't get them into the hands of your target audience. A good brochure holder should get your prints noticed, and have people take a copy of them. This means that your literature holder should make your brochure noticeable, visible, and accessible.

A brochure holder should be designed for strategic placement; this may mean having it mounted onto a wall, placed on a counter, or standing by the store entrance. This is crucial in getting people to notice your leaflets.

In addition, your literature holder should make your brochure visible. People have no time to pick up nondescript ones just to find out what they are about. This is why brochure holders should clearly display the attractive designs of your marketing prints so people will see them and take one if they're interested.

Lastly, a brochure holder should allow people to easily take a leaflet so they can learn more about the products and services being advertised.

This means that the brochure holder should have wide enough pockets that allow you to easily draw the product information materials out—at the same time, a brochure holder should be of the right size to contain your product literature and keep it from being blown away or falling onto the floor. 

Where to Place Brochure Holders?

To get people to notice your brochures, place your holders in high-traffic areas, or waiting and lounge areas. Some places you can consider are near building entrances, by the elevator, in waiting rooms, and at counters. 

High foot traffic means more people potentially noticing and taking your brochure. Meanwhile, people who wait or lounge around are likely to notice your marketing prints because of the amount of time they spend near them.

To attract customers, consider putting brochure holders in the general vicinity of your business. Place them by your building entrance, near the ATM line, or even outside complementary businesses or establishments.

For banks and credit card companies, you can try putting brochure holders in establishments where people typically use your services; examples are malls, supermarkets, travel agencies, hotels, and gyms.

But don't forget to also put brochure holders inside your establishment to upsell existing clients. As people tend to wait in line in banks and credit card firms, having brochure holders where people queue up is a great idea.

You can also put brochures on counters so people can easily take them when talking to bankers if they wish to learn more information about your products and services.

Different Types of Brochure Holders

Once you've identified key locations for brochure holder placement, it's time to decide which type of brochure holder you should use.

This decision depends on the size of the area, how people behave in the location and the number of brochures on display.


To save space, there are brochure holders you mount onto walls. These have a pocket or pockets where you can put leaflets, brochures, and flyers. Walkways and narrow waiting areas are some of the best locations for wall-mounted brochure holders

As walkways have higher foot traffic, putting an entire brochure stand will get in the way of people's path, which will likely annoy people but also topple the stand over. Meanwhile, a wall-mounted brochure holder will be easy to spot without obstructing the walkway.

Similarly, crowded waiting areas have limited space and will benefit from wall-mounted brochure holders. You can put literature on display for the people waiting without taking up a lot of valuable space.

And because wall-mounted brochure holders come in various sizes and can have as many pockets as necessary, they are also a great option for big areas where people congregate. Some examples are assembly halls, conference rooms, and auditoriums.


Tiered brochure holders are a type of literature display that allows you to hold different types of flyers, leaflets, and pamphlets in different pockets in a layered fashion. These come in handy when displaying several types of brochures at the same time.

When you have various brochures together, the challenge is to set them apart from each other so people can easily distinguish which material contains which content. 

Though you can physically put them in different locations to do this, doing so is inefficient and limits your outreach. Meanwhile, a tiered brochure holder lets you sort your flyers while having them all altogether.


You don't always have a wall or a table where you can put your brochure holder. In these situations, you need a standing brochure holder that can hold your flyers at just the right height for people to notice them.

Standing brochure holders come with their own stands—they can have varying heights and some are even adjustable so that it is level with people when they are standing or sitting. 

But more than just standing on their own, brochure stands play a crucial role in design. When there is a lot of empty space, you want to use a standing brochure holder to occupy the space and make the area look less empty.