If you have a brick-and-mortar store, then you know the value of retail displays. Utilizing brochure holders and literature holders can help you provide the information that your customers are looking for. There’s nothing fancy about them but they can be effective. 

For retail displays, literature holders play a crucial role. They can carry the information that customers need to learn about your product. Usually, acrylic holders and literature displays are used in stores.

In this article, however, we will look into the use of polystyrene (PS) as literature display holders. We will discuss the benefits offered by this sign and brochure holder.

What is Polystyrene?

Before we delve into the world of brochures, pamphlets, and literature holders—we need to discuss what Polystyrene is. What is this material and is it better than acrylic holders or acrylic displays?

Polystyrene is a transparent thermoplastic. It is available both as a solid and rigid foam material. It is used in various commercial product applications, but its most common use is in commercial packaging. 

Perhaps the most common use of PS is in the form of styrofoam and the process for making this material was invented by the Dow Chemical Company back in 1941 in the US. Although its use is rather controversial because of its supposed impact on the environment, there is no doubt that it is now part of everyday life.

The solid plastic form of PS is used in so many applications now. From test tubes to the cases used for CDs—they are a ubiquitous part of everyday life. 

Characteristics of Polystyrene

What are the characteristics of polystyrene that make it ideal for so many applications, like making literature holders, flier holders, magazine racks, catalog shelves, and pamphlet holders?

As a thermoplastic, polystyrene can be heated to its melting point, cooled, and then reheated without any significant degradation. Other similar materials will not be the same after being melted and cooled.

Thermoplastics also liquefy quite easily, which allows them to be molded to take on any form required.

Thermoset plastics, on the other hand, can only be heated once. That initial heating will cause the plastic to set. It will undergo some chemical changes that cannot be reversed and reheating it will simply burn it.

Why is Polystyrene Used Often?

If you’re not familiar with polystyrene, you will be surprised at how often it is used in various industries.

By far, polystyrene is the most often used for packaging. It is also used as a prototyping material in various industries because it is affordable and very easy to work with. Polystyrene is usually not recycled.

Some of the qualities of this material that make it ideal for some applications also work against it getting recycled. For example, because of its lightweight, it gets blown away easily, which means it is difficult to collect it.

While polystyrene is lightweight, it is also bulky, which makes it difficult to transport. Recycling plastic requires a large amount of the same material being gathered together, and so the bulk of polystyrene works against it.

Types of Polystyrene

So, what are the various types of polystyrene that are currently available? There are three main types that are in use today. These are:  

  • Foam
  • Regular polystyrene plastic
  • Polystyrene film

We have mentioned the foam type of polystyrene and how it is commonly used as a packaging material by different companies. There are instances when polystyrene is mixed in with other materials to make it more durable and more suitable for the application needed.

How is Polystyrene Made? 

Like other plastics that are used in industries, polystyrene is derived from hydrocarbon fuels. The hydrocarbon is distilled to create what are known as fractions. Catalysts can then be added to form plastics.

To create the foam type of polystyrene, machines are used to blow air so that the resulting material is mostly composed of trapped pockets of air—making it perfect for creating marketing strategy tools like literature holders, sign holders, brochure displays, literature racks, and magazine stands.

You can find those tools in a company's offices, reception areas, restaurant countertops, and trade shows; at libraries, or brick-and-mortar stores.

Benefits of Polystyrene 

Why is polystyrene used so often? The obvious answer is that it offers so many benefits. Here are just the benefits offered by polystyrene:

Dimensional Stability

Polystyrene also offers dimensional stability, which means it can retain its shape quite well. This characteristic is very crucial for creating marketing tools like durable and high-quality countertop signage, wall brochure holder, literature holder, magazine display, literature stand, and wall mount acrylic holders.  

These tools are essential in your organization's marketing strategy—improving brand recognition and product promotion, helping you achieve your business goals.


One quality that really gives polystyrene an edge over other display and holder materials is its lightweight.

Because of its lightweight features, it can be used for so many applications and for different products, like Slatwall, leaflet holder, and flier holder—which can be custom-designed. This lets you add your logo, company styles, personalized artwork, and custom color theme.

It can also be easily stacked because you don’t have to worry about the materials at the bottom being crushed by the weight—making this perfect for creating U-risers.


Another reason why polystyrene is considered by many to be an ideal brochure display and holder material is that it is water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about the product getting water damage when you are using polystyrene for outdoor literature holders and displays. 

Resistant to Bacteria

Polystyrene is also very crucial as a display holder because it is resistant to bacterial growth. While other materials can become a hotspot for bacteria, polystyrene packaging will keep your sign holders and customers safe.


While all the other qualities of polystyrene are very useful, there is one thing that really makes it stand out among other materials. That is its price.

Polystyrene is more affordable than other materials that are used for packaging today. It’s not surprising that many businesses opt to use it for their products.

Choose Only High-Quality Polystyrene as Display Holders

These are just some of the benefits of polystyrene. If you want to learn more about polystyrene products, literature holders, acrylic holders, and acrylic displays, our team can give you the information you need.

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