Choosing the right Displays - Risers, Boxes, Frames, Stands  and Holders -  is crucial for your marketing goals. You need to make sure that they are made of durable, long-lasting, clear materials. Find out here why injection molded displays and brochure holders are great options to showcase your products.

There is a wide range of brochure holders, sign holders, literature holders, acrylic holders, and acrylic displays available on the market today.

However, there are times when it's simply impossible to find the right design, size, or color you need to best showcase your products, market your store, or promote a sale. That's why many display manufacturing companies utilize injection molding technology to customize displays!

Injection molded displays are a type of product manufactured using molten plastic. The liquid version of the material is injected into a mold, then ejected once it has solidified. Because molds can take whichever shape, the variety of injection mold displays is practically limitless.

Any shape, color, size, and design of a literature stand or holder you can conceive can be designed and manufactured.

Learn more about the benefits of injection molded displays to see how they fare compared to other materials such as metal, hardboard, and wood!

8 Benefits of Injection Molded Displays

Being able to customize displays, stands, and holders, however, you want sounds too good to be true. But that's exactly what injection molded displays offer. Everything from unrivaled customizability to maximum efficiency and everything in between! 

Learn more about them to see whether you should choose injection-molded displays over ready-made display solutions!

1. Limitless Complexity

Injection-molded displays rely heavily on the mold. All you need is to design it, and the molten plastic can take its form. As such, you can create a complex and intricate one, resulting in the most detailed and elaborate display you want. 

With the benefit of advanced 3D printing technology available today, virtually any mold can be produced. Just have it designed and printed, and you can have the display of your dreams!

2. Efficient Manufacturing Process

The hardest part of injection molding is designing and 3D printing the mold. After that, injecting molten plastic into it and letting it harden takes about a minute or two at most. 

Not to mention, you can have several smaller parts all in one larger mold to optimize your injection molding cycles and maximize your manufacturing rate. And because you only ever really need one mold per design, you can manufacture hundreds of the same displays quickly and at a low cost.

3. Variety of Materials and Colors

There is a wide variety of materials that are compatible with injection molding technology. Including thermoplastics, thermosets, acrylic, polycarbonate, resins, nylon, and silicones—there are over 25,000 materials you can choose from!

Not only are there plenty of materials to choose from, but you can also mix the materials together to produce the strength, water, heat, chemical resistance, and stiffness you require for your desired display. 

For maximum customizability, there is even a wide range of colors for injected molded displays, so you can have a product outcome in exactly the shade your want!

4. Consistency

The entire injection molding process is repetitive, and using machines ensures that the size, shape, and all other features of the displays are uniform and results are consistent. 

Not only does this allow you to manufacture the same displays over and over, but it's especially convenient if your display requires different parts with high tolerances and reliability at high volumes.

5. Little to No Waste

Injecting molding uses molten materials, hence there is very minimal waste in the entire process. If there should be any waste from errors, spills, or removed parts during post-production, the materials can be melted again and reused.

6. Recyclable

There are little to no excess scraps that result from manufacturing displays through injection molding. Whatever waste is generated can easily be grounded, melted, and reused. And because injection molding uses plastic, recycled plastic is also an option for materials.

7. Skip Post-Processing

As the injection molding process is largely automated, there is little to no post-production necessary to ensure quality control.

When the mold is crafted well and the display manufacturer produces tooling with a special finish, the ejected plastic from the mold is the finished product. This takes efficiency in manufacturing to a whole new level!

8. Cost-Effective for Bulk Orders

The cost of injection molded displays goes down the more products you create per design. Since you are investing in one mold and paying the same cost for the material needed to create one display, large volumes allow you to keep your costs down, even to prices that rival ready-made versions.

What to Consider Before Getting Injection Molded Displays

There are several ways of creating displays. Though injection-molded displays come with irresistible benefits, they do require quite a bit of upfront investment for designing and printing the mold needed to manufacture the injection-molded displays.

This means that the initial lead time is longer than just going to the store and buying ready-made displays off the rack. It also means startup costs are significantly higher since the customer will pay for the mold creation.

Last but not least, any changes to the design of the mold will be costly. Sometimes, you only find out that a modification is needed to improve a design once the finished product is in your hands. But having to revise the mold design and reproduce the mold comes at a hefty additional cost, more expensive than simply looking for a different display design from a product catalog. 

Ultimately, injection-molded displays are amazing for those looking to mass-produce displays in designs that are not readily available in the market. Whether you want your brand name and logo embedded on the finished product, or you want a particular color that fits in with your company branding—injection molded displays are the best choice for you!

Buy Injection Molded Displays

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