The objective of every sales promotion is to sell more by enticing people with good deals using acrylic displays. However, sales promotions won't work if people are not aware they exist. This is why making them visible and showcasing items on promo, are strategically crucial in ensuring your sales promotion succeeds.

If you're looking to boost your sales promotion, learn more about the uses of an acrylic display stand and the different types of products you can showcase with them to help boost your sales efforts.

How Acrylic Display Stands Boost Sales Promotion

Acrylic display stands have clear material and are durable. These qualities make them the perfect marketing tool as they highlight products and offer amazing support, an important concern for selling merchandise.

Keep reading to learn more about how acrylic display stands can elevate your sales efforts!

Elevated Visibility

Acrylic display stands come in many shape and size options. As such, there's bound to be one for whichever product you wish to use it with. Whether you want to slightly elevate a product from the table, or you'd like to create the illusion of a product floating in midair—acrylic displays can make your products more noticeable simply by raising them from the surface.

By drawing attention to certain products, brands can more effectively promote them, aiding in their sales promotions.

Additionally, acrylic displays also help make sales promotional materials more noticeable. For example, having leaflets about a brand promo in acrylic brochure holders allows you to place your leaflets in areas of high traffic—encouraging more people to take one and pay attention to your ongoing promotion. Such can go a long way in increasing your conversions.

Organized Presentation

For sales promotions to effectively move products, brands should present their merchandise in an organized fashion in order to help customers with their purchasing decisions.

Acrylic risers direct your customers' attention to your products by elevating them to a customer's eye level. Additionally, they also make spaces look organized, presenting a clean and neat impression to customers in order to create a positive impression of your brand, and improve customer experience and trust.

If you'd like to learn more about how to use acrylic display materials to more effectively sell products.

Space Saver 

Because acrylic displays are clear, any product stored within an acrylic organizer is visible. For stores that need to maximize space, using acrylic displays allows them to organize numerous items while making use of more space.

Such an advantage is ideal for sales promotions, where putting out more items that need to be moved quickly can easily look cluttered. Acrylic displays help organize the many products, while also making sure all of them are on display, so people know they are for sale.

Ultimately, using acrylic displays to save space without making spaces look cluttered is an art form. You can learn more about how to effectively use acrylic risers to create eye-catching product displays here.

Products to Showcase on Acrylic Display Stands

Acrylic sign holders allow brands to elevate their products, showcase their brochures, and organize their space. Any retail business will greatly benefit from using acrylic stands to improve its store displays.

Check out some product categories that look amazing on acrylic display stands to help give you an idea of how acrylic display stands can boost your sales promotion.

Pieces of Jewelry

Some of the most common merchandise displayed on acrylic displays are pieces of jewelry. This is due to the size of the jewelry being small and shiny or sparkly.

Because jewelry pieces are typically small, putting them on opaque displays can detract from their appearance and make them appear even smaller or more difficult to notice. This is particularly true when the color of the display matches that of the jewelry.

On the other hand, acrylic displays are clear and do not compete for people's attention, so they can solely focus on the jewelry on display.

Another reason to use acrylic displays with jewelry is due to the sheen of acrylic displays. As jewelry has metal and stones that reflect light beautifully, placing them on acrylic displays that also reflect light can enhance the overall aesthetic of jewelry.


Another product that is small and difficult to notice from afar is cosmetics. Makeup products are small and because they come in many shades, cosmetic brands typically have numerous products on display.

In order to make the products appear organized and to highlight the items themselves, brands use acrylic displays to strategically place products and present them all to the customer without overwhelming them with numerous options.

Whether it's a tiered or elevated display, acrylic displays help highlight certain products over others. This is an effective strategy to present certain products on sales promotion first, over the rest of the merchandise.

A Pair of Shoes

When shopping for shoes, customers have to see the design of the shoe from several angles to become enticed to make a purchase. Having shoes simply lying flat prevents customers from seeing shoes clearly, which can negatively impact sales.

To increase shoe sales, brands must showcase not just the side view of shoes, but also the top view. Hence, acrylic display stands tilt shoes. Having half a pair of shoes tilted and the other half flat on a surface allows brands to showcase a pair of shoes in two ways, increasing the chances of attracting customers.

Doing this for key pairs of shoes that are on sales promotion can help boost sales efforts and draw in more interested eyes.


Acrylic displays are versatile and can be as intricate or bulky as needed. This allows them to showcase accessories, whether they be large bags or tiny ear piercings. For stores looking to highlight key items to boost a sales promotion, using acrylic displays to elevate key accessory pieces is a surefire way of getting them noticed.

Invest in Acrylic Display Stands to Boost Sales

As a brand, investing in acrylic displays that are not only versatile, but also durable, helps you improve your sales strategies by modifying your store setup and highlighting key merchandise you would like to promote.

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