In a busy restaurant environment, getting the right information in front of your diners is often the key to increasing the amount of revenue your restaurant gets from each individual order.

From upselling desserts, drinks and other special dishes to promoting the most popular dishes on your menu, table tents – display holders that sit atop a table – offer a wide range of marketing benefits for your restaurant.

Likewise, table tents can be useful in a retail sales environment, especially when placed on store counters and tables where customers interact with your store’s sales team.

In this guide, we’ll share five great ways to use table tents to promote your retail store or restaurant’s marketing materials and increase the level of attention your customers pay to optional extras, menu items, special offers and more.

Promote your most popular menu items

Every restaurant has a few staple items – dishes that are by far the most popular with diners. Since table tents are right in front of your customers as they think of their order, they’re great tools for promoting your most popular menu items.

List three to four “favorite dishes” and place them in front of customers using table tents. Drawing customers’ attention to your most popular menu items is often all it takes to help them work out what they would like to order.

List your daily or weekly specials

One of the biggest advantages of table tents is that it’s extremely easy to switch in and out different printed marketing materials. This makes table tents ideal as a way to list your restaurant’s daily or weekly specials.

Update your table tents every Monday with a different offer or slide in a new special deal every morning. Offering a daily special is a great way to draw in business, and a table tent on each table makes it easy to increase customer awareness.

Share desserts and drinks as upsells

Does your restaurant offer a range of desserts and drinks? Upsells often generate a significant percentage of many restaurants’ revenue, making it important to make your customers aware of your drinks, desserts and appetizers.

Create a short menu showcasing your best desserts, appetizers, drinks and other extras for each table. This makes customers more aware of your extra dishes and increases the average amount spent in your restaurant on a per-table basis.

Offer financing on your sales counter

Table tents aren’t just used in restaurants and bars – they’re also useful marketing tools for retailers. If you sell high-ticket items such as Hi-Fi equipment, furniture or anything else that’s commonly purchased using financing, table tents can help you.

Use table tents to close more deals by creating a financing brochure that you can put on sales counters and desks. This way, whenever a prospective customer talks with your sales team, they’ll instantly be aware of the financing options that are available.

List special offers and great discounts

Sometimes the best way to draw people into your restaurant and increase their per-table spend is by offering a special deal. From discounts on certain menu items to a buy-one-get-one-free offer, exclusive deals rarely fail to attract attention.

The key to a successful special offer is awareness. Use table tents to place your latest special offers right in front of customers as they order, increasing the chance they’ll respond positively to the offer you’re advertising.

Could your restaurant or retail store benefit from table tents?

Paired with the right marketing materials, table tents can be fantastic marketing and promotional tools for your restaurant or retail store. How could your business make table tents part of its in-store marketing and sales strategy?