From posters to menus, many restaurants are heavily dependent on printed signs and content. Signage brings in customers, while menus and other forms of in-store signage give customers the knowledge they need to place their orders.

While menus and exterior signage might be promotional staples of the restaurant industry, there are many other ways to use signs – and sign holders – effectively in your restaurant to increase sales and encourage customer loyalty.

From promoting your daily special dishes to encouraging people to order sides and drinks, in this post we’ll share five ways that you can use plastic sign holders in your café or restaurant to improve customer loyalty and drive sales.

Promote your daily specials

Does your restaurant or café offer a daily list of specials? From your business lunch to your daily menu, promoting your restaurant’s special offers using a blackboard is an old fashioned and somewhat ineffective way to catch diners’ attention.

A far more effective way to promote your daily specials is by using in-store signage – particularly plastic sign holders on tables and your countertop – to draw customers’ attention to the unique dishes, meals and snacks that you have on offer each day.

Focus on inexpensive upsells

From drinks to desserts, upsells are an important part of running a successful café or restaurant. Since upsells typically have a high profit margin, it’s in your interest to promote them to customers in order to enhance their dining experience.

Instead of asking customers if they’d like dessert or drinks while serving their food or taking their orders, keep a list of inexpensive and popular upsells on an in-store sign located at each table. This will naturally drive a steady flow of upsell orders.

Bring attention to great dishes

One of the most important aspects of building customer loyalty, particularly in a café or restaurant environment, is making sure that diners have a good experience when they’re at your restaurant or eatery.

The best way to make sure diners have a great experience is by recommending your best dishes to them. Use tabletop sign holders to draw attention to your best dishes, encouraging first-time diners to choose something they’ll enjoy and return for again.

Promote your loyalty program

Does your café or restaurant offer a loyalty program? From coffee card programs that reward loyal customers with a free drink to special offers for customers that return to your restaurant frequently, loyalty programs are great for retention.

The only problem, however, is that many customers are unaware that your café or restaurant might offer a loyalty program. Keep a plastic sign holder on top of your counter or dining tables so that people are more likely to ask about your program.

Connect using social media

Thanks to the massive popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, it’s no longer optional to have a social media presence. Today, if your restaurant or café isn’t on Facebook, it’s missing out on a large audience of customers.

In-store signage is a great way to promote your social media presence. Print a QR code on each of your tabletop signs to make connecting with your business as easy as possible for diners that use social media frequently.