Is your signage as effective as it could be? Retail signage can drive a steady steam of customers into your store, fueling sales and giving your business an audience that’s continually growing and growing over time.

That is, if your retail signage is designed and positioned effectively. Many businesses make the mistake of designing and creating retail signage that seems to be effective, but really does little to improve their bottom line.

From visibility to persuasiveness, a variety of factors go into creating retail signage that’s both visually appealing and effective. If you’d like to improve your signage to drive more sales, try the three simple but effective techniques listed below.

Study what your competitors are doing right

Are your competitors attracting more customers than you? It’s easy to write off a competitor’s success as a result of aggressive marketing techniques or a product that’s just too different for you to compete with.

However, it’s far more effective to study what your competitors are doing better than your business, then apply the techniques they’re using effectively to increase the response rate of your signage.

Do you have a competitor that’s constantly busy? Visit their retail store and look at how their signage draws in passers by and turns them into shoppers, and then into loyal customers and sources of revenue.

The difference between an effective sign and a completely ineffective one can often be as simple as a small change to your message. Study what your competitors have done that you aren’t doing, then apply their winning principles to your signage.

Try changing your sign’s statement of value

Does your sign clearly state the value that your business offers? Many retail stores make the mistake of focusing entirely on discounts or specific products and not on stating the specific value that they can offer their customers.

Effective advertising, whether it’s retail signage or a print advertisement, is always built on value. Does your signage clearly communicate your value proposition and unique selling points, or is it narrowly focused on a specific point or characteristic?

If your signage doesn’t have a clear statement of value, it’s time to review it. Think about the biggest type of value that your business offers its customers, then make this the primary focus of your retail signage.

From the best return policy to the widest selection of products, it’s important to use your unique selling point in your signage. Focus on your unique value, and then turn it into an inspiring item that you can use in your retail store’s advertising.

Signage too complicated? Simplify and streamline

Many businesses have signage that’s designed to be noticed, better than any signage their competitors offer and backed up by a great value proposition, all while being a little too complicated for their target audience.

It’s easy to forget that most customers only have a couple of seconds to look at your signage. Long, complicated messages may seem great, but they can easily get lost as a customer glances at your signage and loses focus on its challenging message.

If your retail signage is too complicated to understand in one or two seconds, you’ll benefit from streamlining and simplifying. Shorten your message so that it’s easy to understand in two seconds or less, all without losing any of your value message.

Sound difficult? It’s actually surprisingly simple. By shortening your message to one sentence of ten words or less, you make it far easier for prospects to understand the benefits of entering your retail store and becoming a customer.