Does your business have a great value proposition? Being able to communicate the value your business can provide for its customers or clients is a major asset for any marketing campaign, whether it’s direct mail, digital, or in-store retail signage.

A great value proposition separates your offer from the competition and sets your business apart, establishing why you’re the best choice within your category and encouraging prospective customers to take action.

It’s also something that determines whether or not people will pay any attention to your marketing at all. Without a great value proposition, it’s unlikely that people will continue to read your in-store poster, retail signage or company brochure.

Is your business using its value proposition effectively in its signage? In this guide, we’ll talk more about how your business can use its value proposition to make its retail signage more effective at achieving its marketing goals.

Keep it short and simple

If your business has a value proposition that’s long and complicated, you’ll need to shorten it in order to use it effectively in your retail signage.

Long value propositions may be effective in technical brochures and items aimed at a detail-focused audience, but they’re often too demanding for the fast-paced, quick environment of retail signage.

The shorter you can make your value proposition without weakening its message, the more effective it can be. Try to reduce your value proposition to one sentence and you’ll vastly increase its effectiveness in your retail signage.

Here’s a great way to do this: start with your value proposition as it is now, then shorten it as much as possible without affecting its meaning. Once you’ve made it more compact, try removing more text until it’s short enough for one sentence.

Make it highly relatable

Many businesses make the mistake of marketing to the wrong audience using their retail signage. If you’re used to marketing to enterprise customers and just opened your own retail store, you’ll need to adjust your message for the new audience.

Is your value proposition as relatable as it could be? An effective value proposition should be short enough to fit perfectly into your retail signage and relevant enough to draw immediate attention.

What problems does your target audience face? How does your value proposition solve them? The greater the importance of the solution your product or service is capable of offering, the more effective its value proposition will be.

Don’t know what your target audience values? Try polling your retail audience to learn more about the key selling points, unique benefits and value factors that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your retail signage.

Approach it from multiple angles

Even if your value proposition speaks about something your target audience has an interest in, it may not be effective. This is because your value proposition might use the wrong angle to approach your target audience.

An audience of 100 people may find 100 different reasons to like a product. A sports car, for example, may appeal to some customers because of its performance, others because of its comfort and others still because of its looks.

These are all different angles from which the same value can be marketed. To make your retail signage and marketing materials as effective as possible, it’s important to consider all possible angles.

Does your retail signage cover your product or service’s value from a wide variety of angles that your target audience can relate to? If not, it’s time to look at new angles to make your offer stand out from the crowd and attract attention.