We may live in a digital age, but transparent acrylic sign holders are still a great way to advertise your brand and convey important information. They come in different shapes and sizes, in landscape and portrait format—and can be customized to your specific needs.

Their versatility means they can be used by just about any industry for various applications. For example, hospitals can use them to store patients' files and alert people to compulsory safety measures. Educational institutions can use them on a temporary basis by directing parents to the school theater on graduation day.

They can be removed and stored for the next event, like parent-teacher conferences. There are many more uses.

Modern Use of Acrylic Sign Holders 

As the techniques for manufacturing acrylic products have advanced, so have the ways in which products can be used. These days, manufacturers can print directly on the acrylic sign holder in intricate and colorful designs.

You can place your logo in full color on the base, leaving the stand free for brochures and other customer-directed literature. 

Another option for trade shows and exhibitions is to print across the whole surface so boring sheets, like contact us forms, are disguised in an eye-catching manner. 

More and more brands are choosing to focus on more cost-effective advertising and marketing avenues that strike a chord with their target market. Acrylic holders are the perfect medium for advertisements, especially because they are cheap, come in a variety of styles, and are portable.

Some of the styles include acrylic wall-mounted sign holders, acrylic stands, outdoor acrylic signs, display holders, and tabletop sign holders. Different businesses will use each of these styles differently.

How Different Businesses Use Sign Holders

Each business is unique, so the way in which they use sign holders differs. 

Using Acrylic Tabletop Sign Holders in Hotels and Restaurants  

Hotels use acrylic tabletop sign holders in many ways:

  • To announce locations within the hotel; for example, the concierge desk, the location of Johnny Baker ballroom, and the conference room.
  • To announce one-time events; for example, the Johnny Baker mathematics seminar or the Smith wedding reception.
  • To alert guests to any changes; for example, changes to the way in which payments will be accepted, like cash not being accepted as a form of transaction.
  • To alert guests to safety hazards; for example, construction at levels 17, 18, and 19.
  • To alert guests to temporary no-go areas; for example, a tabletop sign holder announcing the cocktail bar will be closed for the next two weeks while it is being remodeled.
  • To provide guests with brochures for recommended tourist sites in the city. 

Restaurants use tabletop sign holders in a few different ways:

  • To advertise current limited special promotions; for example, two-for-one burgers on Monday nights.
  • To advertise upcoming limited special deals; for example, all-you-can-eat shrimp for Tuesday lunches.
  • To advertise permanent additions to the menu; for example, potato and spinach croquettes.
  • To remind diners of the most popular dishes, keeping them front of mind.
  • To advertise special services; for example, babysitting services over the festive season when harried parents need to speed through their shopping without being held up by an increasingly bored five-year-old.

Using Clear Acrylic Sign Holders in Supermarkets and Retail Stores 

Supermarkets and retailers use sign holders in much the same way.

  • To point to product displays. The clear acrylic sign holder display can be used for temporary special prices, for example, $3 off toilet paper. The sign holder display could be for more permanent information, for example, the ladies' section in a clothing store. 
  • To provide directions; for example, this way to fitting rooms, cashiers, and exits.
  • Small end-of-arm signs confirm what products shoppers are looking at; for example, a picture of a woman in skinny jeans on the skinny jeans rack.
  • To advertise competitions; for example, collect 10 stamps and stand a chance to win a letter opener.
  • Signs can provide different views of inserts; for example, advertising the same competition but with different graphics. 
  • Signs can advertise products and events repeatedly throughout the store; for example, at both entrances, the fruit section and the baby products section.

Using Acrylic Holders in Your Office or Business

Offices and businesses use sign holders in much the same way.

  • To welcome customers
  • To hold business cards and brochures with product information
  • To present the employee of the week
  • For announcements; for example, the Cement Factory of the Year Award
  • To announce locations; for example, the conference room, coffee room, cement mixing area, and cement pouring area.
  • To alert clients to safety and security requirements; for example, safety hats in the cement mixing area.

Using Sign Holders in Exhibits or Tradeshows

Sign holders come into their own at expos and tradeshows where signage options include.

  • Big standing signs with your colorful brand and motto.
  • Big standing signs with exciting new products
  • Tabletop stands with business cards and brochures
  • Tabletop stands with forms; for example, registration forms or applications for membership.
  • Small stands holding display models; for example, cell phones, pens, and earrings.

Easy-to-Install Sign Holders that Can Be Used Repeatedly 

Two of the great things about a sign holder are its durability and portability. Acrylic is an incredibly strong material and very difficult to break. The surface is also very difficult to scratch, so the material takes years before it shows signs of wear and tear. 

Acrylic sign holders are lightweight, which makes them very easy to move from place to place. They're also easy to install. Tabletop sign holders are obviously just put in place on the table. Standing holders are also easy to shift, so your posters can be viewed from a different angle.

However, acrylic holders that will go on walls are held in place by different types of materials, including screws. They're very easy to screw and unscrew with simple tools, so you can move them as many times as you want.

Working with a Full-Service Manufacturer of Acrylic Holders

The best way to ensure that you get acrylic sign holders that are exactly what you want is to choose a full-service manufacturer. A full-service manufacturer takes you from choosing style, shape, and design to placing an order, shipping, and delivery, all of which happen under one roof.

This way, they can guarantee the quality of materials and production because there are no third parties to consider.

We are a full-service acrylic sign holder manufacturer with over 34 years of experience. We understand the industry like no one else. To get started on your display project without delay, contact us at 714-527-1179 at Displays and Holders today!