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Covid PPE Supplies Southern California

Covid-19’s Effects On Southern California

Southern California is a beautiful area that is a popular place for tourists to visit. Attractions like Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo make for great vacation destinations. Unfortunately, many of these leisure attractions had to close during the pandemic.

However, Southern California’s essential industries have continued to stay open. These include technology, agriculture production, and healthcare. Those who work in these industries are braving the pandemic to help keep the state running. They are also putting themselves at risk by interacting with other people and being potentially exposed to the coronavirus.

How Has Covid-19 Affected Southern California?

Many industries in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and other cities in Southern California have been affected by the pandemic. Covid-19 has caused many businesses, restaurants, and factories to close their doors. While things are starting to open up again, businesses and customers need to take safety seriously.

New rules are in place requiring these industries to make acrylic shields, masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) mandatory to work or do business in SoCal. However, a distinct shortage of PPE and other disinfectant and protective materials has made it hard for many of these businesses to thrive and keep people working.

Finding PPE Supplies

If you own or work at a business that has managed to stay open during the pandemic, you may be in need of personal protective equipment. You want to make sure the PPEs you choose to buy are safe and will meet the specific needs of your industry.

You also want to make sure the equipment and supplies are easily accessible for your employees or anyone who enters your business. The right displays will make them easy to find and allow people to access them with as little contact to the surface around them and without touching other equipment that will be used by other people.

We at Displays and Holders carry several different PPE equipment that will help your business get through the pandemic.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards

The spread of COVID-19 is something every business is fighting against right now. With our acrylic sneeze guards, you can add an extra layer of protection between your employees and their customers and help maintain social distancing standards.

While most commonly used to prevent liquid spills and food contamination, acrylic sneeze shields provide a transparent physical barrier for any countertop or high-traffic areas. Whether you own a restaurant, retail business, or convenience store, these countertop sneeze guards can be used to add an additional layer of safety and protect the health and safety of your workers and customers alike.

Personal Protective Equipment Dispensers

When you need quick access to personal protective equipment, you need dispensers that can easily be placed on nearby walls or countertops where safety supplies are required. Excellent for healthcare facilities medical offices, these PPE dispensers ensure that all of your essential safety supplies are always within arm’s reach. Whether you want to store face masks or latex gloves, personal protective equipment dispensers are excellent for businesses looking to keep essential equipment in reliable locations.

Physical Distancing Signs Supply

With an infectious virus such as COVID-19, social distancing has proven to be the most effective method in helping reduce the spread in congested environments. One of the best solutions in doing so is by providing customers with easy to read signage to ensure that social distancing is followed at all times.

With physical distancing signs, you can ensure that your customers are always aware of their social distancing, and your business remains compliant with safety recommendations and regulations in public places.

Protect Your Business and Reduce The Spread with Our Acrylic Safety Supplies

With the onset of COVID-19, businesses across the world are faced with immense difficulty as they navigate new terrain in workplace safety. As phased approaches are scheduled to begin, and companies resume operations, the health of your customers and employees is critical.

By providing your business with adequate safety supplies, you can help protect the health and safety of your workplace and do your part in reducing the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Are you looking to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your place of business?

Email us today for more information, and one of our customer service representatives will work with you to ensure that you receive quality safety supplies at the best price possible.

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