Contactless transactions are becoming more and more popular in the United States. The key to bringing your business into the digital age is a payment station at any checkout point. This also happens to be a simple and affordable upgrade. On that note, we recommend that you use acrylic pamphlet or literature holders to make your payments more secure and for easy management.

Not only will the transaction point have increased security, but your payment processes will be more accessible and you will have extra control over the safety and hygiene of your store.

By becoming one of the first businesses in your area to rely on contactless technology, you will stand out from the crowd and be appreciated and noticed by customers.

Keep reading to learn more about contactless transactions using brochure display stands and how this simple switch will add value and efficiency to your business.

What are Contactless Payments?

You have likely heard of or used a contactless payment card before, but if you are going to install card readers in your business, it helps to understand how this type of payment card and services work. With the tap of a phone, debit, or credit card, any member of the public will be able to make all of their purchases. All you will need is a secure online connection for a safe transfer to your bank account and a card reader.

Essentially, these transactions are payments that are made when the buyer taps their device, either a phone or a debit or credit card, onto a reader. This is done without the need to sign a receipt or input your pin number.

The whole transaction often only takes a few seconds, which means everyone saves time. Card readers also include an additional EMV slot in case the contactless tap is unsuccessful. With the EMV, your customer simply uses chip and pin technology to verify their identity and confirm the purchase.

For financial security reasons, there is usually a maximum payment that can be made with this method. For example, this protects the cardholder in the unfortunate event of debit or credit card theft, minimizing the risk that their card will run up high costs before it is canceled.

With contactless card readers and terminals becoming more widely available in the United States, this is the perfect time to swap out cumbersome cash and credit card transactions for contactless payments. Most major card issuers, including Visa and MasterCard, are now offering contactless options.

If you would like more information on contactless payments, contact your bank who will be able to provide further information and can sometimes offer business solutions, installation services, and support.

The Benefits of Contactless Transactions

Adding a contactless payment terminal and one of our plastic display holders to your transaction point will come with numerous benefits.

Most of all, this will increase the security of your payment network while adding value to your customers' in-store experiences.
With more banks offering contactless services and credit cards, it has never been easier or more practical to take advantage of contactless payments and set up card readers in your business.

Below are some key benefits of contactless transactions:

  • Efficiency: Arguably the best part about contactless terminals is that they save you and your customers time. A customer will simply tap his or her phone or payment card on the reader to complete the purchase. The card information is sent through the digital component located on the credit card terminal and straight through to your business's bank account. Customers will quickly get used to this new way of buying services and products.
  • Privacy: Another one of the great benefits of going contactless is the increased privacy and security it can provide. When carrying out a contactless payment, your customer will not have to reveal any of their financial information, data, or personal details. Contactless systems technology, unlike a card swipe or chip and pin system, keep sensitive information safe.
  • No-Hassle Service: You will quickly see just how easy contactless systems are and why customers around the world choose these over other payment options. You can keep products and services moving much faster when there is no need for signatures and pin numbers.
  • Customer Experience: faster purchases and easy access to their funds is enough to leave any customer more satisfied and content. Especially with smaller purchases, the ease of contactless systems can really add the convenience that most people crave. You customers and clients will support this shift to a safer and easier transaction process.

How a Brochure Holder will Improve Your Contactless System

During Covid-19, there is also an increased need for hygiene checks and regular sanitization. With our clear brochure holders, this is very easy to stay on top of and will keep your customers safe while they make their payment. You cannot underestimate the value of tidy and clean POS spaces and customer service desks.

It can be tricky to keep your POS area looking organized and tidy. Adding in a contactless terminal can seem like unnecessary chaos, especially if the register area is a small space. It's therefore important to find ways to create a clear, clean, and organized area.

An acrylic brochure stand is a great place to install the payment terminal because it will be easy for your customers to access it and to see the total amount for their purchase before they tap their card and pay. Our brochure stands come in many shapes and sizes, which means they will fit your POS space perfectly without being clunky or getting in the way.

Our stands are also incredibly sturdy and will stay in great condition for years to come. Not only will these help introduce this payment technology to your business, but they are affordable, strong, and very versatile.

Another great use for our literature holders is to simply place a sign in them that informs your customers that you now offer various payment options. This will encourage your customers or clients to adopt this technology and switch to a contactless service.

You can also place literature on contactless payments in the brochure stands to assure customers that there is no risk to their financial information when they make payments. Additional information and resources are always welcomed by customers.
These are also a great option for easy management of brochures, documents, and signs.

Placing any brochure or material (like a loyalty card) in a literature holder is an effective way to stay safe. Without the need for a staff member to hand out materials, customers can simply take one themselves to learn about your products or services.
Contact us today to learn more about how our literature display holders and other products can help move your business forward and integrate contactless technology into your payment services.

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