When you’re in pain and go to a health clinic or hospital to seek immediate treatment, the last thing you want is getting lost and confused because there are no signs in place to help guide you. This is where acrylic sign holders can be useful.

Most people will feel frustrated and overwhelmed when there are no visible signs around to help navigate a space, especially when you’re unwell or have an urgent need. A thoughtfully placed clinic or hospital signs and displays may seem like a minor part of a healthcare facility, but they can create a huge impact for guests and patients.

Read further to learn more about how acrylic sign holders help healthcare signages, so they may improve healthcare settings.

Uses of Acrylic Sign Holders in Healthcare Settings

When it comes to healthcare settings, it is important to keep everyone updated on the latest information, while also reminding them of the best practices in healthcare and guiding them around the facility.

A great way to do this is by displaying brochures and signages in prime locations using acrylic sign holders. As acrylic is durable and transparent, they are easy to disinfect and provide maximum visibility. Thus, acrylic sign holders are best used to display wayfinding signages, noticeboards, and more, without spreading infection. 

Why Use Acrylic Sign Holders for Healthcare Signages?

Healthcare settings can be intimidating, especially for patients. The least we can do is help them feel more relaxed while recovering or seeking treatment by providing adequate information and guidance.

Organized and Welcoming Environment

Acrylic sign holders provide a seamless view of information material. Whether you’re displaying wayfinding signages or brochures, they allow patients and outsiders to easily navigate your healthcare facility.

Having clear, visible guides can make your space look organized, and therefore, less intimidating to people. 

Sense of Wellbeing and Care

Healthcare is a two-way street. To provide effective healthcare, practitioners and medical professionals have to communicate with patients and vice versa. 

Healthcare facilities can inform their patients about their conditions and treatment procedures by providing resource materials around the facility. Acrylic sign holders allow healthcare facilities to display such information neatly, which serves to further highlight the value they bring to patients’ treatment.

Reduces Confusion and Stress

When people enter a healthcare facility, they usually have a problem that needs to be addressed. This in itself is a stressful situation. 

Having clear and visible wayfinding signages guides them, so they know where to go, who to ask, and so on. This can go a long way in reducing confusion and stress in an already tense situation. 

Additionally, learning about a disease, health, and treatment through displayed brochures can go a long way in helping alleviate negative emotions in patients undergoing health challenges and recovery.

Why Choose Acrylic Displays and Holders?

Unlike other materials such as glass, aluminum, or wood, acrylic is the preferred choice for displays and holders in healthcare settings for the following reasons:


Acrylic has high tensile strength. It can carry heavy weight, endure high impact, and also survive weather conditions. It can hold signage and brochure holder outdoors and is unlikely to be damaged by high impact or harsh elements.


Oftentimes, wayfinding signages are best hung in high locations for optimal visibility. Unfortunately, high placement can pose a safety risk if the sign is heavy.

Acrylic sign holders are incredibly lightweight, making them less likely to compromise their attachment mechanisms, should they fall due to some accident, they are unlikely to cause serious damage or harm.


Healthcare facilities, like most businesses, need to be mindful of their budget. Though signages are important, spending on expensive displays is unnecessary. 

Acrylic sign holders are more affordable than glass. Not to mention, their durability and wide range of uses allow them to be used more often and for a longer time, rendering their cost per use much lower overall.


Another key benefit of acrylic sign holders is their versatility. Because of their unrivaled transparency, they allow information materials and signs to be viewed from all angles. This makes repurposing or reconfiguring them for different displays or set-ups much easier.

Easy to Disinfect

One of the priorities of healthcare facilities is to maintain cleanliness. As a place for medical treatment, healthcare facilities would do well to have easy to clean or disinfect surfaces.

Acrylic displays’ durability allows healthcare facilities to regularly wipe them down and disinfect them in order to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone. Hence, acrylic displays, with their water resistance and alcohol resistance qualities, are ideal. 

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer for Wholesale Sign Holders

Whether you’re a clinic, pharmacy, or hospital, acrylic sign holders can help improve your space by providing an organized and welcoming environment. Check out the guide below to help you choose the right manufacturer for your wholesale acrylic sign holders.

Customizable Products

Acrylic sign holders come in many forms. Whether you need wall-mounted literature displays, tabletop literature stands, or plexiglass brochure holders, speak to your manufacturer and work with someone who can customize them to your needs. 

Creative Solutions

More than simply providing you a product, a good manufacturer offers you a solution to your problem. Work with someone who can assess your environment and demands, then provide you with recommendations on which acrylic sign holders would best suit your space. 

Cost-Effective Prices

The benefit of ordering acrylic sign holders wholesale is to save on costs. Though you shouldn’t simply look for the cheapest price in the market all the time, you should work with a manufacturer whose prices are within your budget and still within the market average.

You also want to consider reviews from past customers. These help ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Displays&Holders: Acrylic Sign and Brochure Holders

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