If you are one of the companies that are savvy enough to still use brochures for marketing, you will need to adopt different ways to display your materials.

What you need are holders and displays to hold your brochures. While the classic transparent sign holders will never go out of style, it would help to explore your other options when it comes to brochure displays.

An attractive rack placed strategically in an area where people couldn't help but notice your display is key to getting them to grab your brochures.

Displays That Can Help Your Business Stand Out

Because a brochure holder is suitable for many locations, aesthetically pleasing, and enhances organization, a free-standing or wall mounted brochure display can help in building your brand's identity and get the attention it needs. As they are portable and lightweight as well, you can move them around easily and use them as often as you want.

You can control where you place them and be as strategic as you want. You can place a mounted brochure display rack in point-of-sale options where people will be encouraged to pick your brochures and take them home for future use. Here are some display types that you can put in your office or store.

Single Pocket Brochure Display Rack

This is the basic display available in the market and can easily hold more than 70 brochures. This type of holder is generally placed on the table so that one can easily take a brochure from it whenever needed. Those who are looking for the most affordable holders can do well with a single pocket holder.

Wall Mounted Brochure Display

You probably noticed wall mounted brochure displays in schools, offices, and hospitals. Because of the visibility of these wall mounted brochure displays, those who pass by will not fail to notice the brochures placed in them.

If your space has many daily visitors, you will benefit greatly from having a wall mounted brochure display. A mounted brochure display rack on the wall also saves space.

Choose a mounted brochure display rack that represents your brand and then place them in a premium location. In this way, you can market your brand 24/7 or at least during the hours when the display's location is open.

Floor Standing Display Rack

This brochure display rack is similar to literature stands and often seen near the doors or in the lounge where people sit and spend some time. These people are the ones who will likely grab your brochures and have even a little time to browse through the contents. These also hold newspapers and magazines.

Outdoor Brochure Rack

These are usually made of strong materials since they will be exposed to the elements. You can see these often outside buildings. This can be used indoors if needed to hold large amounts of pamphlets, magazines, and other document types.

Wire Brochure Display Rack

This type of display is usually for aesthetics because they come in unique and interesting designs. You can see these mostly on store countertops displaying products and services that you can get from the establishment.

Benefits of Using a Brochure Display Rack

Aside from its capacity to hold more than one type of brochure, utilizing a brochure rack makes your space look clean and tidy.

If you just place your brochures on the counter, they will just get messed up within minutes because customers are prone to grab, scan quickly, and just shove back unceremoniously. This will discourage other customers from looking into the bunch. Now if you put your brochures in displays, you can keep your marketing materials neat and organized.


Since you're going to spend money on a display rack, you might as well get to use them many times over and in different locations. From your office wall to the store to the trade show, these displays will truly become your money's worth in keeping your advertising in place.

Now if you could just let a free-standing or mounted brochure display rack do the job, which could hold more than one brochure type, then you don't have to worry about this. You can stock as many brochures as you need in an organized display that you can place in many locations.

You can choose size, styles, or whether you want them as a free-standing or wall-mounted display rack. Clear Pockets can be either A3 or A4 depending on the size and orientation of your brochures.


This is another top benefit of investing in holders and displays. You can have them custom-made to match your brand using a wide range of designs and materials. The popular bases include acrylic, timber, and metals and then you can customize from there. acrylic holders are best at showing off as much material as possible given their transparent nature.

If you do this the old school way and hand out these brochures yourself, you will be limited to what you can give since you can only hold so many brochures at once. Ideally, there should be one employee per one brochure type in order to be distributed effectively.

You can choose size, styles, and whether you want a free-standing option or a mounted brochure display rack.

Find Your Dream Brochure Rack Today

Now choosing the right display can be challenging given the various options you have. Displays & Holders can help you pick out the design ideas appropriate for your purpose, your brand, and your type of brochure.

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