Acrylic sign holders and panels are a great way to enhance the look of a business establishment. They bring a professional and sophisticated look and feel to walls and countertops. Since they are transparent and light, they make great alternatives to glass panels and frames.

Clear acrylic is a versatile signage option, even more so when it's colored. Let's talk about the benefits of colored acrylic for sign holders below.

What Is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a light polymeric material resembling glass. It is durable and doesn't shatter when dropped. It can be molded into customized shapes, including wall sign panels and brochure holders.

11 Benefits of Colored Acrylic Signs and Holders

1. Clear and Non-Glare Finish

Ceiling and wall lighting in offices reflect on glossy materials. Colored acrylic panels and frames can be created with a non-glare finish. This way, it will absorb light instead of reflecting it, making posters, signs, announcements, and brochures easy to read.

2. Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

White acrylic hides fingerprints, scuffs, and scratches. It is commonly used in a medical setting, e.g., hospital, clinic, etc. because it doesn't require regular cleaning and is bright and opaque. It brings medical promotions to life without alienating patients reading them.

3. Sleek and Professional

Black on its own gives off a classic appeal. On acrylic, it provides signages with a sleek look and businesses and establishments, a professional impression.

4. Multiple Color Options

Acrylic offers a wide selection of colors, finishes, and thicknesses. It can adapt to the color palette that a brand follows for its marketing materials. It also comes in glossy, frosted, translucent, and matte finishes.

5. A Stand-Out Clear Display Material

Acrylic displays are often on pamphlet holders, supplies cases, product racks, and other office and store fixtures. Their durable nature doesn't make them susceptible to rotting or rusting. Acrylic is also fairly scratch-resistant, making it ideal for many outdoor applications, e.g., brochure holders, logo signages, menus, operating hours signs, etc.

6. More Effective Branding

Logos and signages serve as extensions of a store's or business' branding. These are the structures that people frequently see when they walk by a building or stall.

Acrylic is highly customizable. It can be molded and tinted to match any interior theme. They even complement LED lights that highlight promotional displays and lobby logos—helping boost sales and foot traffic.

7. Highlights Text on Marketing Posters

With an acrylic frame, you can add a thin border to the edge to draw focus on the text on a signage material. This design is ideal for signs in the lobby of large buildings.

8. Easy Installation

Acrylic is lightweight and durable making it easy to attach anywhere indoors or outdoors. It can be mounted on walls using multiple backing hardware such as screws, wires, hooks, and cables.

When used outside, it's best to opt for printing that uses UV-resistant ink. It adds protection from weathering due to the harsh sun rays.

9. Inexpensive Material

Acrylic plexiglass is relatively cheaper than metal and wood. But this low price point does not get in the way of producing high-quality outputs. Its nature alone is robust and long-lasting.

Acrylic signs and display holders work well in office lobbies, retail shops, showrooms, hotel receptions, and schools. In addition, materials constructed from colored acrylic are also recyclable.

10. High Durability

Acrylic can withstand a low temperature of 122°F and a high temperature of 158°F. It does not produce spontaneous combustion and is self-extinguishing. It is rainproof and moisture-proof and is 200 times impact-resistant compared to glass.

11. Exceptional Versatility

As mentioned earlier, acrylic comes in different colors and opacity. It's also easy to cut and mold. This feature makes them ideal for many settings. Among its uses are:

  • Flower boxes
  • Trinket holders
  • Makeup drawers
  • Decorative jewelry boxes
  • Backlit signs
  • Store racks
  • Mannequin stands
  • Billboards
  • Display stands
  • Pen holders
  • Wall signages
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Toilet labels
  • Store window decals
  • Poster frames
  • Podiums
  • File holders
  • Trophies and appreciation plaques
  • Business giveaways like coasters, paperweights, etc.

Ways to Customize Acrylic

UV Printing

Acrylic board UV printing prints directly on the acrylic surface using a flat UV printer. The good thing about it is that you can create the design on a computer or tablet. This method can also be used for attaching print films and vinyl letterings, as in window decals.

UV printing produces images with high color and alignment accuracy. It is frequently used on acrylic picture blocks and frames.

Digital Printing

In digital printing, a layer of oil film is sprayed on an acrylic board before printing. The output also has high accuracy. It is often found on promotional paperweights, office signages, and way finders.

Screen Printing

A screenprint on acrylic is most suitable for displaying brand and promotional information. Ink is pushed through a screen using the pressure of a brush, imprinting the acrylic surface with the same pattern on the screen.

Screen printing has a relatively low price compared to the other options. It is commonly used on wall signs, logo blocks, menu holders, and lobby signs.

LED Acrylic Signs

These are modern alternatives to traditional neon signages. It carries a glass effect and allows for a bolder sign. The desired shape is cut from the acrylic before the text or shape for LED placement is cut out. You can choose to keep the edges sharp or round them.

The acrylic can be coated with powder or attached to achieve the right color. Then, the LEDs are inserted into the inside edge to fill the space allotted for them.

Use Displays and Holders for Your Business

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