The invention of a camera with unlimited film is an exciting development for photographers, be they amateurs or professionals. Gone are the concerns about missing out on a good shot. Also gone is the anticipation waiting for the prints to be developed. Now, there is a whole new set of things to manage, and one of them is figuring out how best to display great pictures, especially if they are family photos.

One need only ask the nearest museum curator what effect a great photograph can have on a room. Coming up with innovative and attractive ways to present that display can be a bit of a challenge, but once you get it right, nothing else can compare.

Color vs. Black and White

Web designers have long leveraged the power of color vs. black and white photography. Ever since the discovery of Oz on film some 80 years ago, the power of color photography has been central to almost all visual media. One of the most powerful ways to emphasize one shot among many is to make it a color photograph and make all the surrounding pictures black and white. If you can present all the photos in a consistent style, perhaps with matching acrylic picture frames, the effect will be even more profound.


Many photographers don't recognize the relationship between montage and collage. Many photos presented at the same time in roughly the same physical location can be arranged in such a way as to tell a much larger story than just a single shot or even many shots in sequence. Because photography is not limited by physical space like film, the picture-taker doesn't have to rely on a series of shots. Frameless picture frames and plastic picture frames can be used to make a large-scale collage a very effective and memorable way to show off related photos in almost any context.

Photo Wall

Acrylic frames are not limited to any particular kind of photo display. For example, they can be used to emphasize certain shots in a photo wall or photo case. What is around a picture can be used to draw attention to it. In fact, the structure that supports a picture can even be part of its story. This is true of the frame as well as the fixtures Photos can be stored in a trophy case and contained in frames at the same time. This can give the shots a timeless jewelry-like quality that can be most effective Historical subjects, family ancestry and even pictures of heirlooms can be showcased in this way and made into an unforgettable display.

Getting people to notice a picture is a skill that takes a great deal of practice and a considerable amount of knowledge regarding human nature and human behavior. At the same time, there are numerous conventions that have proven effective over the years, including attractive frames, placement, collage and collections. Making use of these techniques isn't difficult, but it can seem daunting without the right tools.