The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to win over new customers and increase sales. When it comes to in-store displays, the quality of design and attractiveness will translate to higher leads and increased revenue. An effective in-store display should have the attention-grabbing qualities and the ability to inspire action from the customers.

Now more than ever, merchandising displays are playing a crucial role in driving sales and cutting through the visual barriers. The first impression will be decisive of whether your product ends up in the customer’s shopping cart or remains on the shelf.

But first, you need to know what you want to achieve with your display marketing. Do you want to inform your customers about a new product or service? Persuade them to try your product? Or simply to engage them with an intriguing experience?

No matter what your goals are, an effective in-store display strategy will make your efforts seamless and rewarding.

These time-proven strategies will help you bridge the gap between what the customer wants and your ultimate goals.

The design aspect of your in-store display will play a vital role in creating a visual impression to your customers. As humans, we are heavily influenced by what we see and this directs our behavior and actions.

  • Make the design personal- a personal touch in display design will have a positive effect since people love to relate with other people. This can be achieved by incorporating characters or a person’s image in the center of design.
  • Be unique and creative- while most retail businesses will be tempted to use extravagant resources for creative display marketing, a simple approach will be effective when done in a unique way. This will also save you unnecessary costs.
  • Use hierarchy- a sense of hierarchy will draw attention to your products and create a lasting impression on your customer’s mind.
  • Incorporate technology in the design-in this age of technology there are literally endless options available to you. You can make your in-store display more interactive with soothing sounds or motion technology. It all serves the purpose of appealing to your customer’s senses.
  • Make good use of lighting- ambient lighting combined with bold colors evokes an emotion and connection to which your customer will be inspired to act. An emotion connection with your brand will go a long way in creating customer loyalty and repeat sales.

Display details

Your in-store display can be far from effective if you overlook certain crucial details that matter a lot in the overall design. Whether it is placement, compliance or type of sign holders that you use, these important details could be the difference between success and despair.

  • Placement - keep your in-store display in an easily viewable position for the most effective results. Without visibility, your marketing efforts will go down the drain. Position your displays in a focal point in your store where all can see in all directions when walking down the aisle.
  • Keep it brief and simple - avoid the use of excessive words in your copy for the best results.
  • Quality of material - while most people will be overwhelmed with visuals alone, the quality of material that you use to create your in-store display matters a lot. This includes the sign holders. Long-term durability is key when considering the type of sign holders to go for.
  • If you are looking for reliability and strength, plastic sign holders will be your best bet for in-store displays. Our dedicated team is concerned about the quality that you get and you can learn more about the best sign holders for your in-store display.