Are you looking for effective marketing strategies that will help you double your revenue in 2019? One of the most amazing ways is the use of tri-fold material, leaflets, pamphlets and flyers to market your business. You can use plastic brochure holders to ease the distribution process for these materials.

With the current evolution in the digital landscape, the printing industry needs to come up with new strategies to survive and ensure their revenue continues to grow.

Find below some of the strategies you can use to complement the traditional methods. The objective is to attract as many customers as possible through the primary platforms where people search for information.

Designing your brochures

Like any other literature, every brochure leaves a significant impression on your prospects. A good impression will attract customers while a wrong impression puts your business in the risk alienating customers and losing sales.

Apart from designing and producing brochures, you need to think of the best brochure display method depending on your business. For example, the wall mounted brochure holders will work well for busy retail companies.

When designing your brochure, ensure that it has the following features.

  • Ensure that it is easy to respond to by putting your business phone number, name and website URL. Also add your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Ensure that it is easy to read and understand
  • Use bullets to highlight the main features for the products and services you offer
  • Use graphics and headlines your audience will care about

Graphic design principles

For your literature materials to be useful, ensure that they are all in line with the basic graphic design principles such as;

  • The look must be clean and straightforward
  • Make use of headings and subheadings to guide the reader
  • Break up your copies with illustrations, photos, charts, and cartoons.
  • Maintain the standard formats for print materials
  • Use graphs and charts instead of tables.

Invest in quality and good photography

Small companies do not concentrate on getting beautiful photos of their job sites, and other accessories. If you, therefore, come up with quality and professionally done photos, you distinguish your company from the small ones. Your customers want assurance of the quality of products that you offer.

Have a specific person to oversee your literature needs

Literature needs change with new markets and products, with trade shows and with normal growth. It is, therefore, necessary to have a person who will be able to handle literature production, anticipate future needs and maintain inventory. Every new piece must have audience description, a written rationale, and content outline

The takeaway

The impact of literature on presenting a company's products and services cannot be overlooked. In marketing, the reality of your products and services is first conceptualized in the appearance of the marketing materials and strategies that you use. If you remain professional when applying the approach mentioned above, you can be sure of doubling your revenues in 2019.