In this uncertain time of COVID-19, many workplaces are going above and beyond their duties to help prevent the spread of the virus. While your government has most likely made it a law to wear face masks and gloves in enclosed public places, it’s important for businesses to go the extra mile and provide their employees with more ways to stay safe using acrylic sneeze guards.

You’ve most likely seen sneeze guards at your local grocery store as they reinforce public health practices. However, sneeze guards can be used anywhere. Right now, acrylic sneeze guards maintain an extra layer of protection between people.

While you may be practicing the six-foot social distancing guideline, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you have employees who interact with customers, sneeze guards can help keep them safe from COVID-19.

What Are Acrylic Sneeze Guards Used For?

You may have heard of acrylic brochure holders, which are used in stores to display their marketing material in so that customers can browse a brochure. Acrylic is a type of clear, sturdy plastic that is a popular material for store displays and barriers. Sneeze guards are one such item.

You’ve seen sneeze guards before the outbreak of COVID-10 in your local restaurants, buffets, and take-out restaurants. They are the plastic screens over food displays that allow you to look but not touch or sneeze on the food.

Benefits of Acrylic Sneeze Guards

There are tons of options available when it comes to sneeze guard materials. However, just like with brochure and sign holders, the best and cheapest option is typically acrylic:

Here are a few reasons why acrylic sneeze guards work best.

Act as a Physical Barrier

acrylic sneeze guardsLet’s say a sneeze guard is placed in a grocery store at the counter. Because someone can have COVID-19 without showing any symptoms, an employee may show up to work, not knowing that they are a carrier. They might sneeze in the middle of assisting a customer, attributing it to allergies.

If the sneeze guard was not there, the respiratory droplets containing the coronavirus would be propelled into the air and possibly into the mouth or eyes of the customer. This may transmit the virus from the employee to the customer.

The sneeze guard also works the other way, protecting your employers if in case the virus is released into the air by a customer.

Of course, both customers and employees should refrain from touching the barrier, as the coronavirus can still survive indefinitely on surfaces and can be picked up if a person touches an infected surface. Both sides of the barrier should also be regularly disinfected.

By stopping the droplets from the cough dead in its tracks, sneeze guards can greatly help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Easy to Clean

You should always choose a material for a sneeze guard that can be cleaned easily. Acrylic is one of the easiest materials to clean. Simply go over it with a washcloth soaked with warm water and a mild detergent for best results.

We recommend a disinfectant as well so you can effectively kill any viruses that may be lying in wait on the barrier.

Durable and Resistant

Acrylic is a versatile material and has superior resistance compared to glass or other forms of plastic. It can typically resist high-impacts and will never shatter. If it does break, it will fracture in large, dull-edged pieces, making it much safer and easier to clean up.


Sneeze guards should always be clear because people need to be able to see and hear each other. If a sneeze guard is colored instead of clear, it can be difficult for those who are hearing-impaired to understand what the person behind the counter is saying.

In workplaces, it still allows the employees to feel like they are part of a team since they’ll be able to see each other and communicate through the barrier.

Continue Preventing Infection at Work

acrylic PPE dispenserAcrylic sneeze guards aren’t the only products you should consider when looking at keeping your workplace safe for your employees.

Acrylic PPE dispensers make getting safety materials like masks much more efficient and effective. Instead of many people touching boxes of masks or gloves multiple times, you can reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 with PPE dispensers. You can also install hand sanitizer dispensers.

By employing all of these devices, you’ll be able to prevent cross-contamination and keep your work environment safe for employees and customers.

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