When you own or manage a retail business, it is essential to maximise your available space. Despite being one of the best places to catch a customer’s attention, the point-of-purchase area is often underutilized.

Acrylic displays and holders are a great place to start when designing your point-of-purchase counter or space. We have compiled 10 easy ways to instantly improve how you display products, brochures, and other materials at the checkout counter.

1. Understand Your Customers

Before you start designing your point-of-purchase area, you want to have a good understanding of who your audience is and what will appeal most to them.

slatwall-mounted brochure holderThe materials you place inside brochure holders or other small display stands should speak to your audience’s interests and general aesthetics. What would draw in young women will be very different to what gains the attention of an older gentleman.

Taking enough time to better understand your customers will ensure that people not only pause to pay attention to your displays but also engage with the material.

2. Try Something New

When using acrylic frames and brochure holders, it can be easy to just use the same design for every promotion or advertisement. But this is a wasted opportunity. Instead, you should surprise your customers with unique, colorful, and eye-catching displays.

To add some zest to your displays, try adding bright colors and choose interesting shapes for the materials the acrylic frames are holding. Another strategy you can try is to surround the holder with theme-appropriate objects or decorations to create a cohesive and fun display.

3. Go Festive

Holidays big and small are a great opportunity to decorate your point-of-purchase area. Align your color scheme, decorations, and products to the holiday and your customers will naturally appreciate the effort you have gone to.

If your acrylic holders are displaying small products to sell, it’s also a great way to remind customers of smaller seasonal offerings while they wait in line.

Just remember to switch out festive displays as soon as the holiday is over!

4. Encourage Interaction

A lot of shoppers will quickly glance at a display before walking right past it. To prevent this from happening, you need a strategy that will encourage your customers to engage with the display and spend more time browsing the products or brochures.

If you are displaying paper materials, why not make space for a survey or questionnaire? And larger acrylic holders have enough room for small samples of products that customers can try in-store or take home in sachet form.

This will help your customers connect with the products and take the time to find out more or try before they buy something. Your customers will also leave feeling like their experience in the store was personal and meaningful.

5. Inform, Educate, and Inspire

Using the point-of-purchase displays to educate or inform your customers is a great way to increase the attention the display receives. Just make sure that you don’t allow your display to seem drab or boring, which can happen if too much information is presented in a one-dimensional way.

Instead, use acrylic risers or frames to hold products and brief explanations of what they are made from, how to use them, or fun facts about the company or creator if they are local goods. By explaining what makes your products unique and special, you can create a deeper connection with customers and increase their interest.

6. Show Don’t Tell

Another strategy is to cut down on the words used in the acrylic frames and opt for a more visual display. If you have a younger customer base, using visuals, colors, and patterns are great ways to get their attention quickly. You should combine this strategy with minimal text so that your message is still delivered.

If you use acrylic frames, you can easily customize them with removable paint to suit the material displayed inside. Not only is this a great way to be playful and creative, but you can redo the design to suit the season, holiday, or products.

7. Offer Samples

It’s no surprise that everyone loves samples. You get to try some products before deciding what you want to buy or it can just be a fun thing to do while you’re waiting in line, making the whole shopping experience more enjoyable.

You should label your display holders with an enthusiastic invitation to try and test the products you have on display. This will make sure that your customers feel comfortable when trying or taking the samples offered.

8. Strategic Lighting

You should make the entire point-of-purchase area a well-illuminated space. This will draw attention to the displays you have set up on or near the check-out counter.

Clever lighting that utilizes color, backlighting, or even glitter that catches and disperses light are great ways to catch the eye. For a fun effect, try wrapping a small neon loop around your acrylic holders. This will add color and a new texture to your display.

9. Switch Things Up

Don’t get into a rut! Remember to mix up your product displays to keep them fresh. Your regular customers will enjoy the new displays and it will keep them interested in what you have to say.

If you notice that one product is especially popular, you might not want to move it away from the point-of-purchase area. Instead, set up a special display holder for it near the check-out point while reserving space for promoting new products and campaigns.

10. Track Your Success

Lastly, track what works and what doesn’t! Not all of these strategies will work for everyone, and you might not need to use them all at the same time. Keep note of customer engagement and when products sell more. Over time you will find out which tips and strategies connect the best with your audience and you can begin to hone your displays to perfection.