The first step when designing a space is to identify which type of art moves you. Finding the pieces that reflect your personality and allow you to project yourself onto the walls of your space can be easy. However, once you’ve found the perfect piece of art, you will want to protect it using acrylic frames that not only highlight the art but keep it safe from damage.

Once you know the type of art that you are looking for, you can use these websites to find the perfect art pieces for your room.


Minted is a great website where you can buy art online from independent artists. The site lets you narrow down your search depending on style, medium, and even color. It’s easy to find the perfect piece for your space. There are lots of art pieces from watercolor to photography, so you can find anything you need to make your room more visually appealing.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is an online art gallery that lets you search based on your price point. You can also find original pieces at an affordable price. If you prefer to look through a curated selection, you can find new pieces selected by a curator.


This website will help you find affordable and modern photography. Prints start at $24, and you can browse through a curated collection of your choosing. If you want to create your own gallery wall in your home or business, this could be the perfect website to help you.


This is probably the most well-known source on our listing. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of work scrolling, Etsy will help you find original and vintage art. They also have printable wall art quotes, and you can even commission a drawing of your very own.


Mondo is a great source of limited edition posters or prints. If you’re looking for unique art pieces that reflect your favorite movies, Mondo can help bring some personality to any room. Mondo has a small, curated collection of posters for sale, along with other items like vinyl records, which you can put in acrylic picture frames.

Mondo doesn’t just offer movie and television posters from pop culture, but they have more obscure posters for those who want to show love to movies that not many others have seen.

Have you ever gone to an art gallery and wanted to Van Gogh, but soon realized it was definitely out of your price range? With 1st Art Gallery, you can get high quality handmade oil painting reproductions from a variety of well-known artists. You can choose from different movements like modern and renaissance and even browse through options from your favorite artists.