For supermarkets and restaurants alike, the use of in-store marketing such as sign holders is a crucial factor when it comes to their success. Whether you use a sign holder or point-of-sales merchandising options, choosing the right merchandising materials to coax consumers into checking out your food requires a well-thought-out approach.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits that merchandising and effective sign usage provides your business and a few ideas to help you take your merchandising plan to the next level, and how Displays and Holders can help. Continue reading below to learn more.

5 Benefits of Effective Marketing

Efficient marketing displays have several benefits, many of which can help your company connect with patrons more efficiently and take your brand to the next level. Here are five great benefits that effective merchandising provides.

  1. Catches the Customer’s Eye

The packaging itself is always too small to have a significant impression on a customer, which means it’s critical that your merchandising is visually appealing. With the right merchandising display, no matter how much of a hurry a customer is in, you can increase the likelihood that potential consumers will see your product.

  1. Strategically Markets Your Products

One of the great benefits of merchandising displays is that they can fit almost anywhere. This provides you with many options as to where to position your merchandising, allowing you to no longer worry about how you’re going to fit the display on a shelf that’s already quite crowded.

  1. Helps You Merchandise Your Products

Ensuring that customers successfully see your products in retail settings is a common challenge for brands. With effective merchandising, you can decide exactly how you want your brand to be marketed inside a store, saving both you and your retailers a lot of trouble in terms of logistics.

  1. Cuts Advertising Costs

Regardless of the setting, it’s still expensive to advertise a product, especially for small businesses. For a fraction of the cost, effective merchandising provides companies with an easy way to customize their interaction with customers.

  1. Targets Impulse Buyers

Lastly, it’s far easier to entice customers to purchase an additional product if they’re already in a store for something else. With large numbers of purchases in the food and beverage and restaurant industry often being unplanned, quality merchandising can profoundly impact your sales.

10 Examples of Effective Marketing

Here are 10 great examples of effective marketing ideas that you can use with any number of your company’s products.

  1. Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers, or a shelf sign, are cheap, simple, and beneficial for several reasons, including catching the attention of customers, making your brand stand out from competitors, educating customers, and more.

  1. Free-Standing Displays

For a variety of reasons, free-standing options are perfect merchandising tools for any company. Not only do they give you more versatility with the position of your product within a store, but they’re also a perfect opportunity to get imaginative and play with some attention-grabbing signage.

  1. Floor Graphics

Another creative way to attract the attention of customers is floor graphics. Ideally, floor graphics should be put in an area in front of the shelf where your product is located so that patrons can easily find your item after seeing your display.

  1. Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalks are a drastically underused area for companies to market their products. With sidewalk signage, you can finally utilize all of that extra room you pay for and scrawl a catchy message about specials or new products and bring in new patrons to your restaurant.

  1. Floor Signs

Floor signs are another great merchandising opportunity for businesses. An eye-catching floor sign will stop any client in their tracks and get them to check out any product you have to offer.

  1. Hanging Signs

A hanging sign is another great option to market new products to customers in your restaurant without sacrificing counter space. Placing convincing hanging signs at both the beginning and end of an aisle or on a back wall can attract patrons and inspire them to purchase a product.

  1. Menu Boards

One of the best ways to advertise a restaurant and boost sales is to catch your customer's attention right as they are about to make a buying decision, which makes menu boards a must-have for any business in the food and beverage and restaurant industry. Traditional or interactive menu boards draw attention and inspire add-on sales.

  1. Tabletop Displays

Tabletop displays are one of the most underrated ways to promote a special or seasonal menu item. To ensure your tabletop display captures the attention of patrons in your restaurant, consider using bright colors and sturdy materials.

  1. Window Clings

You're losing out on one of the best ways to advertise a restaurant if your windows are not squeaky clean. Window merchandising tools are another great way for businesses to start advertising products in unused spaces. Whether you want to promote a message or display your hours of service, a simple window cling can do the trick.

  1. QR Codes

Last but certainly not least, keeping up with new technology is critical to keeping customers in this day and age. With QR codes, patrons can simply scan a barcode on their smartphone or tablet device and be instantly transported to your website, an upcoming event page, or a newsletter sign-up page. This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your connection with customers in your restaurant.

Effectively Promote Your Food with Displays and Holders

As you can see, effective advertising plays a critical role in not only getting patrons to walk through your restaurant door but also getting them to come back. We hope this article inspired you to take a new approach to your food and beverage advertising.

If you’re looking for new ways to improve upon your company’s merchandising ideas, Displays and Holders can help.

With over 34 years of industry experience, Displays and Holders is a premium manufacturer that supplies large and small businesses with effective merchandising options for all sectors of our economy. Our philosophy is and continues to be a primary focus on satisfying our customers' merchandising needs and delivering quality marketing products at affordable prices.

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