Acrylic sign holders and racks can be used to display products like clothing, footwear, cosmetics, accessories, cakes, and more. They make for a secure, attractive, and economical way to exhibit retail items.

However, choosing the acrylic displays and brochure holders to invest in can be a bit tricky with the many options in the market. We rounded up some tips to help you to make the best decision for your store.

How to Choose High-Quality Acrylic Displays

There are factors to consider when looking for the best acrylic display. Here are some of the points you should assess when buying or customizing your retail store:

1. Transparency

Acrylic extrusion and acrylic casting sheets are two types of acrylic materials for displays, racks, and holders. The better option, if you're looking for high-quality transparency is the acrylic casting sheet.

It is made using methyl methacrylate monomer liquid which is pumped into a glass mold. Then, it is immersed in warm water to initiate the process of polymerization.

2. Color

Acrylic displays can come in as many as 53 different colors. They differ in shade, hue, tint, and tone.

Ask for a color chart of the Pantone you are looking for and select from there. If it's not present, ask if they can customize it. A good supplier with the right resources should be able to cater to your request. Once you receive a sample, inspect the uniformity of the color in all panels or sides. A good output should have a balanced and smooth look throughout.

3. Thickness

A good acrylic display case follows the small error percentage allowed for a standard acrylic display case.

The part that supports the entire acrylic structure, the rear wall or the sidewalls, must be strong enough to hold itself and its contents. It should be a bit thicker than the other parts, 6 millimeters should suffice.

4. Texture and Feel

A high-quality acrylic display is sleek and glossy. Depending on what you need for your shop, you can select from finishes like:

  • Clear Colored - for general use. Available in frosted, textured, non-glare, UV filtering, and impact-resistant. Can be used for brochure holders
  • Colored Translucent - lightweight and easily hides fingerprints and scratches with its translucent, frosted, and velvety finishes. Best used for POP displays, signages, store cabinets and shelves, partitions, and furniture components
  • Patterned and Textured - sometimes combined with colored acrylic for more dimension and texture. Used as a lighting fixture, store furniture, signage holder, room or shelving partitions, and glazing

5. Joining Points

The pieces of an acrylic display will be linked together by glue. Dried glue and bubble markings are difficult to spot on a well-made product,  those make it look ugly and cheap. Check the edges and corners when purchasing pre-assembled acrylic cabinets and shelves.

6. The Right Supplier

Finding the right supplier for your acrylic displays is just as important as the quality of the products. After all, you will not be receiving the same reliable output if you're partnered with a below-average supplier.

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The Right Acrylic Displays and Sign Holders for Your Store

Acrylic display holders have become a necessity in retail visual merchandising. They enhance the look and marketability of products, drawing in customers to make their purchases. Here are some tips on how to make use of them to your business's advantage.

Use Acrylic Sign Holders on Window Displays

Signages and window displays are the first things customers see at the storefront. They are an effective merchandising technique for communicating your store's theme and goal.

Since acrylic can be molded into almost any shape and form, you can use them to create intriguing showcases by the store entrance.

Maximize Space Using Acrylic Wall Mounts

Use acrylic decors, hooks, or other wall-mounted solutions to display products from the ceiling or against the walls. You can showcase taglines, hashtags, icons, emojis, and other brand-related decals and pendant fixtures.

Not only will your design have the thinking outside the box feel, but it will also save up on floor space.

Elevate Products at the Eye Level with Acrylic Platforms

Utilize acrylic platforms or racks to direct shoppers' gaze to focus points. It will encourage them to admire your eye-catching product displays rather than just scan your items. Customers will spend more time browsing visually appealing displays of products, and you will have higher chances of turning them into conversions.

Do not place products too high or too low. Anything out of arms' reach will most likely be ignored or not bought, especially if your store does not have personnel assisting each walk-in. Make sure the height of your acrylic platforms allows customers to pick up products by themselves.

Use Acrylic Brochure Holders for Countertop Displays and Impulse Buy Items

Display small products, like trinkets, bottled cologne, leaflets, on the counter so customers can easily spot and browse them. Use organizer-type acrylic holders and line them up beautifully next to each other in high-traffic areas like queue areas, cash registers, and the entrance.

Make Your Acrylic Displays Worth the Investment

The right panels, frames, brochure holders, racks, shelves, or cabinets can make or break a sale. Customers see them with your products and showcase your brand identity with them. And so, they should complement the look and feel of your store and company.

Find the most suitable acrylic holder supplier for your retail needs. Consider what materials they use and how they create their products. Know where they manufacture as well. Sometimes, timelines can get tight, and you would need one that can deliver within short notice.

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