If you’ve been trying to come up with some interesting ways to display your most precious pictures, here are three ideas that will really do justice to your beautiful photos.

1. Focal Wall

Every room needs a focal point, and many people opt for a focal wall to fill this need. A focal wall is a wall that you’ve decorated in such a way that it stands out more than the other walls in a room.

One way to do this is to paint the wall a different color than the walls around it. For example, paint one wall - perhaps a fireplace wall - a deep Chinese red and leave the walls around it white. Then, fill some frameless picture frames will some old black and white family photos and hang them on the focal wall.

The clear acrylic picture frames and the black and white photos will stand out against the red wall. And as a bonus, if you do opt for a fireplace wall, then you have the fireplace mantel, where you can arrange some free-standing acrylic frames as well.

2. Up the Staircase

By their design, staircases are visually dramatic. They also happen to be a favorite spot for photo displays.

According to Architectural Digest, one simple way to dress up this area is to create a series up pictures that “climb” the wall at eye-level. That is to say that the visual line created by tops of the plastic picture frames follows the visual line of the steps below.

3. Hanging Wires

Acrylic frames made for slat walls plus a series of wires hanging parallel from each other make a cool way to display your memories. It’s easy to set this up.

You need to get some picture wire and stretch it between two screws that you’ve positioned about three or four feet apart. You want the wires to be tight so that they don’t sag in the middle.

Once the wire is hung, then hang the slat wall picture frames on the wire. The lip on the frame will hang on the wire you’ve strung across the wall. You can hang more wires to create a full display on your wall. Just hang the next wire above or below the first wire, making sure you clear the frames. Repeat the process.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, your most cherished photos get the star treatment with these three display ideas. The plastic picture frames placed against interesting backdrops, like a richly-colored focal wall, can bring breathtaking beauty into your home or office.

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