For maximizing a brand's visibility with retail signs and marketing brochures; an acrylic display stand atDisplays and Holders is the perfect choice. A clear sign holder either free standing or mounted on a wall accentuates the advertising literature or promotional material contained. These are more efficient at presenting your marketing adverts and sales related literature; giving your customers the professional privilege of eye level brochures.

The purpose of an advertising campaign is very pertinent to the type of display that suits an advertisers needs. A marketing fronted business must ask itself three questions when settling on the medium that carries their adverts and sales literature. These are:

  1. Does target customer's taste align with design of display?
  2. Will the selected medium pass the intended taste?
  3. Is medium placement of the display maximized to attract customer interest?

Acrylic brochure display holders are the perfect answer to these prevailing questions. They serve a marketing purpose in more ways than other advertising media due to their personal nature of literature presentation. Factors that a retail marketing decision maker should observe when selecting the suitable acrylic sign holders available from Display and Holders are:

  • The colour, theme, layout, images and fonts to use
  • An inspiring display that calls to action
  • The ultimate goal for brochure sales drive
  • The design elements to capture interested and project safety
  • The professional qualities to be communicated
  • The brand identity to match colours, and relevant images

Display Holders

To communicate and advance your product or service's image, a counter placed or wall mounted displays made from crystal clear acrylic plastic are both light and durable. The competent tool to employ for successful direct marketing strategies, display holders creates a big margin of product conversion in a customer projected market.

Critical to a company's profile and brand, brochure holders will take any literature not larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches, though larger sizes can be made to order. To have customers obtain information pertinent to a product or service, a good chunk of your advertising endeavors should be geared towards brochure display tools.

Counter Top and Wall Mounted Holders

The table top display holder is easily placed on counter tops and tables, ideally in shops and restaurants. Potential cons are the inevitable knocking over or falling off tables. The acrylic plastic however is a strong composite material that has the ability to withstand breakage.

With its select place on the wall away from obstructions, the mounted display holder has an added advantage to the table top one. In a busy retail setting, or where there is a high customer turnover; these are the most suitable brochure display holders. However the requirement for having a suitable customer facing wall on which to mount them leads to their being not very conducive in an open plan retail space.

A display holder may have various compartments for larger pamphlets and folding brochures. Different types of business card holders are available, these can be tiered, vertical or pocket. Others may hold items that a retailer wants to make secondary buys at the checkout counter, such as candy and chocolate bars. A marketer must take advantage of these convenient tools to achieve market saturation resulting from brand visibility.